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Doctor Shares 2 Best Supplements to Kick Start Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and have tried every supplement you can find, this information may be of great interest to you. TikTok content creator and chiropractor @thewellnessway_wc shares two of her favorite supplements for weight loss. We are so ready to try them!

These supplements may finally help you lose those extra pounds.

This is so interesting! The first herb she mentions is Gymnema. She tells us this will help us to not have as many sugar cravings and will reduce our blood glucose levels. This herb has also been used for thousands of years in Africa to treat diabetes. Next up is Coleus. She tells us this herb helps to breakdown body fat by releasing it for energy and it leads to favorable body composition changes. Sign us up! This herb has also been touted for its cardiovascular benefits.

The audience was interested in learning more about these supplements. Viewer @robyn.kitts asked, “What if you’re insulin resistant?” And @thewellnessway_wc replied, “We recommend getting tested to see what your insulin levels look like and how your liver is working before supplementing! Something else might work better.” Good to know. 

Viewer @AshleyTingleBurns asked, “How do you know what strength to use?” And @thewellnessway_wc replied, “Our herbs are very potent and we dose according to your specific diet and blood work!” Good advice. Viewer @Theluvsofmylife asked, “Does this affect blood pressure?” And @thewellnessway_wc replied, “Gymnema and Coleus both have antihypertensive properties, yes!” Very good to learn and if you already take blood pressure medication, please consult your physician first.

We're happy to know more about these weight loss supplements and we will be asking our doctor if we can give these a try too!