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Woman Who Lost 50 Pounds Shares Her Best Walking Tips

She clearly knows what she's talking about.

The new year is only a few days away and if getting healthy or losing weight is one of your new year’s resolutions, then walking is a great way to get you started towards tackling your goals. Walking is easy enough to start doing for just about anyone if you’d like to get in better shape, but if you’re finding difficulty with making walking a healthy habit, perhaps adapting these tips from TikTok content creator @wheresbeccaat can make your wellness journey a lot easier.

As she mentions in the video, she’s lost 50 pounds since she started walking on a daily basis. Although that’s already an amazing feat, she recognizes that there are some things that she would do differently if she were just starting out.

The first tip she suggests is to invest in a great pair of running shoes right away. Rather than purchasing a good pair of shoes, she opted to use a pair of shoes she already owned and unfortunately her feet experienced a lot of discomfort as a result.

Secondly, she recommends utilizing a treadmill sooner rather than later. Having the ability to change the incline or the speed is an amazing benefit that solely comes from using a treadmill as opposed to simply walking outside. Using a treadmill can offer variety and make the journey more fun, as well as gives you a few extra benefits, such as seeing quicker results.

Her last tip is to keep track of your heart rate and keep a consistent heart rate throughout your walk. Because there will be days where you perform better and days where you are a bit more lax, keeping track of your heart rate and being consistent can potentially yield in achieving better results sooner.

Whether you’re currently on a fitness journey or are starting at the top of the year, keep these helpful tips in mind and good luck on your journey!