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Simple Food Hack Makes Eating Healthy a Total Breeze

This makes so much sense.

We’re only a couple of weeks into the new year and if maintaining a healthy lifestyle was one one of your new year resolutions, then chances are, you likely have a solid plan to follow to ensure you’re capable of meeting that goal. However, in the event you’re struggling with eating healthy throughout your day, try this simple and helpful mental hack from TikTok content creator @brikuznik.

This hack is simple, yet can be extremely effective if you actually apply it in your life. All she suggests to do is start eating healthy — let’s say, maybe try starting your day off with a healthy meal to potentially keep the good eating going all day long — and the healthier you eat, the more you’ll actually begin to crave healthy foods.

She claims that a few weeks ago, she was craving and snacking on cookies multiple times a day, but once she shifted her mindset and started eating healthy consistently, it became a lot easier. Now, instead of snacking on cookies, she’s eating pomegranate seeds.

Folks in the comment section supported this hack and claimed it works for them, so it’s worth a shot to try it yourself.