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Woman on 'Unlimited Calorie' Diet Shares What She Eats in a Day

Would you enjoy eating an unlimited calorie, unlimited carbohydrate diet? It might not sound quite as appealing when you find out what you won’t be eating. TikTok content creator @paige_nicole_shay shows us what she eats in a day on her plant-based diet. We were stunned.

When we were younger, we could have probably eaten this way too.

Wow! This is quite a diet. She starts each day by eating half of a watermelon. That must take some effort so early in the day. When it’s time for lunch, she turns five bananas into “ice cream” that she rolls in coconut sugar. We would likely die if we tried this. Wild blueberries with maple syrup are her afternoon snack to keep her blood sugar levels elevated. For dinner, she’s skipping the fruit and whipping up a big bowl of pasta with veggies. All the power to her if she can eat this way and not have diabetes. We are curious to know if she consumes a bit more fat and protein on the other days of the week.

The audience was stunned by this lifestyle. Viewer @Kim commented, “My anxiety would be through the roof with this much sugar and no protein.” We would be ravenous like a wild animal. Viewer @DrT said, “Five bananas at once? My GI tract is freaking out just reading that.” Ours is too. Viewer @KaraEvans commented, “Please don’t take offense, but when I was young, I could eat loads of fast food calories and not gain a pound. So is it the quality of the food or the age?” That’s a valid question.

If we could eat this way and feel good, we’d give it a shot too. At this stage of life, we’ll stick to eating a more balanced diet. We become rather unpleasant when we have too much sugar and not enough protein.