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Woman Totally Nails How Urge to 'Be Skinny' Messes with People

Do you weight more now than you have in the past? Do you often wish you could be the younger, thinner version of yourself again, even if you’re not currently overweight? TikTok content creator @8kateee shares the struggle she sometimes faces in her mind. And she’s not alone.

If you find it hard to accept yourself the way you are, you'll totally relate to this.

We appreciate her honesty, and we think many people will understand where she's coming from. It's hard getting older, and it’s really uncomfortable to see our bodies changing. She tells us that she was once 30lbs lighter, but she was very unhealthy at that time. She explains that even though she knows this, 1% of the time, she still wants to be the thinner person. She thinks that people may have treated her differently back when she was skinny. And she believes that she would have freaked out about her current size, back when she was extremely underweight. She tells us that 99% of the time she’s happy with her current self and that is very good to hear. The war we fight in our own minds is a hard one.

So many TikTok users can relate to her problem. Viewer @jj commented, “Whenever I see pictures of myself from years ago, it makes me sad because I was skinny but I always thought I was fat.” We hear you. Viewer @C.grat said, “Can confirm people are nicer to skinny people. I weigh 25kgs more than I did 5 years ago, and it’s VERY noticeable how different people treat me.” Or it’s the way we carry ourselves when we don't feel we are at our best. Viewer @Graciela noted, “If the skinnier version of you would judge how you are now, I don’t think that’s a version of yourself to aspire to, but I get these thoughts too.” That is a brilliant point.

Hopefully, this will be a great reminder to treat ourselves more kindly. It’s far more important to be a healthy person than a skinny one.