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Dietitian Recommends Specific Green Veggies to Help with De-Bloating

Water is also on the list.

The holiday season is currently underway and one of the main activities people look forward to doing with their loved ones is eating. However, if you find yourself eating more than you typically do and as a result, are now experiencing that full and tight feeling in your stomach, also known as bloating, then we have a few suggestions to help you combat that uncomfortable feeling.

TikTok content creator and dietician @nutritionbabe created an easy list of food items you can add to your plate to help with de-bloating.

Starting off the list of de-boating vegetables, the dietician recommends to drink water first. We know that water is obviously not a vegetable, but it’s the best thing to consume when you’re bloated to help de-bloat.

As far as the list of vegetables she recommends eating to combat bloating, she recommends spinach, green beans, fennel, celery, cucumbers, rhubarb and asparagus.

Now if you’re like fellow TikTok user @courtgiordano who mentioned in the comment section that water makes her bloat, @nutritionbabe replied back to her saying that the water bloat is only temporary and is still a great debating option since water is a pipe cleaner that help everything else move along throughout your body.

What great and simple list to follow when experiencing bloating!