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Naturopath Shares 4 Signs of Having a 'Vitamin D' Deficiency

Do you often feel exhausted, even when you’ve had plenty of sleep? Or do you start to feel blue around this time of year? TikTok content creator and Naturopathic physician @carolinan.d explains four signs of a Vitamin D deficiency you might not even know you have.

Feeling tired from this deficiency is from a lack of sunlight, not sleep.

Not having enough of this fat-soluble vitamin can wreak havoc on your immune system. She tells us that lack of Vitamin D can cause 4 major symptoms; always getting sick, fatigue, low mood, and muscle aches and pains. So if you’ve been experiencing any of these symptoms, you can ask your doctor to run a simple blood test to determine if you have adequate levels of this important hormonal vitamin. If you are deficient, there’s good news! You can easily raise your levels by taking a supplement, or by spending more time in the sunlight. Always consult with your physician first before beginning any new supplement, as too much D can actually be toxic. 

The audience felt this problem was very relatable to them. Viewer @Angelina commented, “Yes! I was always getting sick and my fingers always hurt me. When my Dr prescribed vitamin D, to me, all of that changed!” Viewer @Ashley shared, “I had that but didn’t know.. Mine was so low it barely registered it was like 9. I was depressed, tired, had brittle nails, sharp pains in my teeth, no energy. I instantly felt better once I started supplements.” Great to hear! Viewer @Julianne added, “I’ve had peri-oral dermatitis for months and just learned the sun is the only thing that makes it go away! I started sitting in the sun every day.” That’s better than the side effects of an antibiotic.

As we begin to enter the darkest months of the year, this great information can be used to help us stay healthy and happy. We'll be asking our doctor to test our levels, too!