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Woman's Vulnerable Confession About Her Weight Loss Journey Is So Relatable

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Do you remember how hard it was to get up the confidence to lose it? TikTok content creator @ambers_amity shares the emotional first day on her new weight loss journey. And we feel her pain.

We would never say to our worst enemy, the things we say to ourselves!

We get it. It’s so easy to hate everything about ourselves, and yet it’s so very hard to love even the little things. We don’t know where we many of us learned this self-deprecating behavior, but we can all unlearn it, too. We give her so much credit for sharing her raw emotions. We are sending so much love her way, because we know she will find her happiness again. Weight gain is a slow and painful process, but losing it doesn't have to be. So let’s start speaking kindly to ourselves again. Every step you take in the right direction matters, remember to give yourself a pat on the back!

This video hit home for many in the audience, and they offered kind and thoughtful support. Viewer @SummerElaine303 commented, “This spoke so deeply to me. I cried this morning with the same battle. I’m here to support you and, hopefully, myself.” Viewer @GinaMihailidis noted, “All of us broken people are rooting for you, babes. We are all doing our best.” That’s the truth. Viewer @Letsbuildabridge added, “Super relatable! Please keep making these because what you’re saying is how a lot of us think but are afraid to say it out loud. Thank you for saying.” We're thankful for her honestly, too. 

Perhaps we could try giving ourselves the grace, we would extend to others. The journey to our best life can also be a happy one!