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Woman's 'Secret' to Looking Her Best Has People Talking

Do you have a favorite food that makes you look and feel your best? Would you consider trying a healthy dish to help elevate your appearance? TikTok content creator @strawberrymilkmob shares her beauty food recipe and it’s definitely worth a try!

This sounds completely doable! 

We’d give this a shot! She tells us that she sautés garlic, with spinach and lemon juice. She explains that we need to be quiet and enjoy the tiny bowl of beauty medicine. Ha! She tells us that when she eats this each day, she feels like her booty gets bigger, her skin is more clear, and that her hair gets stronger too. Even if this is due to the placebo effect, the response from the body is quite real. And eating a small bowl of lemony spinach isn’t really all that hard to do. Our favorite part of this video was when she stated that this was “her channel.” And she’s right, this is what works for her, and that’s all that matters.

The audience was supportive of this beauty recipe. Viewer @AngeliqueTharringto commented, “Spinach greens are good for everything, that’s what my mama says.” We’ve heard that too. Viewer @SummerSmerlick suggested, “Add some Parmesan mozzarella salt & pepper. I accidentally ate a box of spinach in one day.” Wow, that had to make for a rough morning. Viewer @MalloryMcPherson commented, “Spinach is key. I legit eat it everyday. In my smoothies, by itself, with a side. Spinach is amazing.” Those are also great ways to get this veggie into your diet.

We’re happy to know that eating this green veggie brings her good health. It can't hurt to get a little more spinach into our diet too.