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Doctor Explains Why Women Should Not Fast or Have 'Six-Packs'

Have you tried to achieve six-pack abs only to fail? If you’re female, it may not be your fault. TikTok content creator and chiropractor @dr_patrick_flynn shares his beliefs about what women shouldn’t do.

This is an interesting opinion. 

Well this is different. He claims that women should not be fasting because we are not the same as men and it’s not healthy for us. He suggests that if you are a woman who fasts, you're not healthy. Then he tells us that we also shouldn’t have a six-pack because we are built differently than men and we shouldn't exercise like them. He's even offering to pay for the lab work to prove it. We are sure that may be true for some, but everyone is very different. Also, there are other reasons for fasting that have nothing to do with weight. Many women, who are exceptionally healthy, also intermittent fast. But we were pretty happy to hear we shouldn't have a six-pack, we can live without trying for that.

The audience fiercely resisted these claims. Viewer @user7715150678478 commented, “I just had blood work done last month, and it came back excellent! I do IF every day.” We just had a perfect blood work too and we are IF each day. Viewer @user9563038029640 said, “Well why do I feel so good when I do a 15-16 hr fast every day? My blood work is great and I have never felt so good!” We agree! Viewer @Grace commented, “I did temporary IF to fix my insulin resistance and blood sugar regulation issues and it worked great for me. Reversed my symptoms too.” We believe it.

Everyone is so different, that there is no one-size-fits-all lifestyle or body shape. If something isn’t working for you, keep trying until you find what does.