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Chiropractor Shares 2 Worst Foods We Put Into Our Bodies

Do you know what a chiropractor would consider as being two of the worst foods to consume? We had a few ideas, but we were surprised to learn that these two topped the list. TikTok content creator and chiropractor @thewellnesswaycolumbia shares his thoughts about the two worst foods we can eat.

One of these is just so hard to avoid!

Please don't say it’s sugar at the holidays! This is just so painful to hear, but we know he's right. Sugar causes a lot of inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the leading cause of most diseases. Even from an anti-aging perspective, sugar is not your friend and is one of the top contributors to aging prematurely. Canola oil and other hydrogenated oils are also at the top of his naughty list, and we weren't surprised by this at all. It's hard to understand why these are still touted as healthy oils, especially when research suggests they cause serious harm.

The audience was in agreement. Viewer @TheCakeDuchess said, “I am saddened to my core every time I hear sugar. My very last vice.” We hear you. Viewer @Jake commented, “Don’t say hot dog. Don’t say hot dog. Don’t say hot dog.” On the bright side, Jake, he didn’t say hot dog. Viewer @Macyyyyymay pointed out, “Well, you didn’t say wine.” Nope, he sure didn't, and we’re going to pretend wine isn’t a form of sugar until Jan 2, 2023. Viewer @Lyn added, “I was so afraid you were going to say vodka.” We were happy he didn’t say vodka either. 

This advice is a great reminder to cut back on our sugar and processed food consumption. Even through the holidays, we can still make better choices for our overall health.