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Woman Who Lost 100 Pounds Shares Worst Parts of Weight Loss

Have you ever lost a large amount of weight? Have you been thinking about taking some off? TikTok content creator @molsinspire shares some of the problems she’s had since losing the unwanted pounds. And if you’ve always been a healthy weight, this might be some great insight into those who haven’t. 

Weight loss has some unspoken side effects. And they aren’t what you might think.

Kudos to her for sharing these truths. She tells us that she thought all of her problems would go away with those pounds, but they didn’t, instead, she found new ones. Then, it’s body dysmorphia or eating disorders she had to face after taking off 100 lbs. If that wasn’t hard enough, her mind still counts calories in every food. We hear her, we still know Weight Watchers point values from 25 years ago. Loose skin is another unspoken truth, and it's pretty common if you've lost a significant amount. 

She tells us girls started to be mean, while men started to be nice. And it hurts because she knows it wouldn’t have been like that before. Getting new clothes might sound like fun, but it’s hard to replace a whole wardrobe. Family members throwing compliments might feel nice, but they also make you wonder what they thought while you were heavier. Finally, she tells us she will never enjoy McDonald's again. That's stinks.

The audience could relate. Viewer @KarolinaKomrskova commented, “Mainly body dysmorphia though. I have absolutely no idea what I look like.” Viewer @Lareina said, “When people around you dissect your food. Especially when something doesn’t seem “healthy” to them. And they say oh, someone’s off their diet.” Yep, that stings. Viewer @overwhelmedfork noted, “I lost over 140 lbs and the constant "you look unhealthy" or "are you eating enough" comments even though you're within a healthy.” This happens a lot and it's usually from jealousy.

This honest talk comes just in time for the holidays, and it's a great reminder to choose our words carefully when speaking to others.