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Recipe for 'Zero-Carb Protein Bread' Is the Ultimate Game-Changer

If you’ve sworn off carbs but love a good sandwich, this recipe will feel like an early Christmas gift. This mind-blowing recipe looks too good to be made with only 2 ingredients. TikTok content creator @maria_emmerich shows us how to make a zero-carb, high protein bread. And if you're eating carbs, you’re still going to want to try this.

This bread looks perfect on a gooey grilled cheese!

That looks way too good to be true. Never, ever, did we think egg whites could make bread like that. We aren't currently counting our carbs, but we don't think we can wait to diet, to give this a try. We are just too curious to taste this egg white bread. It looks incredible, and it’s the easiest recipe! She only uses two main ingredients: liquid egg whites and powdered egg whites. The only other ingredient is salt.This mix makes enough for two loaf pans. We have never seen anything like this before. Wow!

The audience was excited for a taste of this recipe. Viewer @Stylish29 asked, “can someone just make the bread for me... my strengths are more in the eating, not making food.” Ha! We like your style. Viewer @Kristen Taylor945 commented, “I made this today. Don’t. It is terrible. Literally chocked on it.” That’s not so good to hear. Viewer @EmilyMelancon171 added, “As someone who’s been overwhelmed with Hashimoto's, this is a wonderful thing.” 

We are ready to give this squishy bread a taste. Keto will be so much easier to do, if we can have a protein-packed grilled cheese while we are dieting.