I'm fourteen-years-old and 5'3. I want to start wearing ankle weights to improve my basketball training. Would that be OK?


Wearing ankle weights while training for basketball or any aerobic high impact sports for that matter is not recommended especially at your age because you are still growing. It will cause problems with joints, put too much stress on the bones and may stunts growth. Think about it: while your body is trying to grow upwards towards the sky, the ankle weights are pulling you down in the opposite direction. In that situation the weights are fighting against your body's wishes and intentions. Like it says in the article, wearing ankle weights during vertical high impact activity is definitely a no-no, even for adults, let alone for a young growing body. You could seriously injure yourself.

You will benefit from using ankle weights is in static, preferably horizontal positions while stretching to help tendons and muscles elongate as shown in the exercises in this article. In this situation the weights may even enhance your growth.

Updated on April 11, 2018

Original Article:

How to Use Ankle and Wrist Weights Safely
By Juliette Kando FI Chor