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Using Cellfood Drops Supplements for Hair Loss

Updated on August 25, 2017

I started taking Cellfood drops in August, 2011. I had been struggling with Alopecia Universalis and suspected that it was due to some underlying condition, such as candida.The thing that got me excited about Cellfood was that it claimed to improve oxygen levels, and that was supposed to help get rid of candida.

After three weeks and I am starting to feel a little extra soft fuzz on my head. That was wonderful, so I decided to continue taking the drops for at least three months because that is how long it takes to eradicate candida with Cellfood.

I Had Already Tried Other Candida Treatments

I had already done the McCombs candida cleanse with marginal results. It seemed to improve my overall well-being and fingernails, but I didn't get much hair regrowth. I did the Blessed Herbs cleanse and felt better, but it was a long cleanse and I felt like I should have had a greater improvement in my health.

Do Cellfood Drops Help Treat Hair Loss?

I initially noticed a surge of energy. I slept more deeply and required a little less sleep. (I was pretty diligent about getting eight hours, but now felt fine with seven or seven and a half.) Some people take Cellfood just for this reason, but I was more interested in getting my hair back.

After almost two months I still didn't have my hair back. I did have some clear eyelashes coming in, and that is encouraging, but I really wanted my hair back.

A month later I finally started to see more real hair on my head. This was huge for me! Overall, I would have to say that using Cellfood supplements for three months did help my hair grow back.

Side Effects and Other Benefits

I really haven't noticed any side effects from my own personal experience taking Cellfood. There was one person on Amazon who claimed that it made her moody and she stopped taking it. Everyone will have a different experience because we are all unique. Our environments and diets are different and will factor into whether or not the product will work for you.

You may experience detoxification side effects initially. They usually last only a few days. It is generally your body getting rid of the built up toxins in your body. For some people this will feel like a slight cold and other people may experience a rash. I usually experience a mild rash around my eyes when detoxing. It is usually gone within three days.

I did read that some people use Cellfood to treat burns. I was really skeptical of this, but the other day I was making hashbrowns and touched the cast iron skillet. I immediately plunged my hand under cold water. Then I grabbed my Cellfood drops. They made the burn sting for a few seconds, but in an hour, I couldn't even tell that I had burned myself. The next day, the skin had a changed texture, but it was no longer pink. It seemed as if it healed faster because of the Cellfood.

Why Cellfood?

Many people will take a multivitamin, but do not take essential minerals. What they don't realize is that with modern farming technology, our foods are mineral- and nutrient-deficient. Cellfood has the trace minerals that our bodies need. Without essential minerals, all the multivitamins in the world are not going to improve your health. You need both minerals and vitamins.

Cellfood drops are an easy addition to ones diet. They taste like a little citrus in your water. Also, they are easy to take. Just three glasses a day! One ounce should last you about a month.

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      JOSEFINA MENDEZ 21 months ago


    • Violetta LM profile image

      Violetta LM 4 years ago

      I enjoyed your lens - thanks. If you are interested, there is a new shampoo out that appears promising for hair growth. It can be found at At this website, I purchase Synertek colostrum - the best colostrum I have found. I am not associated with the company at all. I simply buy their colostrum. If you are interested, use the contact page, and I'm sure they will be happy to send you more details about the product. The price is similar to Cellfood, so it is reasonably priced.

    • profile image

      Stef3kids 5 years ago

      Yes for some people, especially older and/or those who may have abundance of toxins built up in their cells like me, they should be very careful in using Cellfood. I for one am either allergic to some (specific) element(s) in it or the side effect(s) of detoxing of the cells can be unbearable. (I hope and believe that it is probably the detoxification of the cell is what is going on rather than me being allergic to something in it.) Every time I've used Cellfood, four times now, within a week or so of starting on Cellfood I would get little pinpoint size bumps on my body especially my hands, feet, and ankles. You can only see these bumps when you look real close to the skin. If your skin feels irritated or itch, these areas will become warm or hot and flush or rash red in color especially if rubbed 0r scratched. Big problems can occur anytime you scratch your body exposing raw skin underneath the outer layer of the skin to bacteria that can lead to infection, cellulitus, flesh eating bacteria, and even MRSA. (In my case, I scratched my skin raw around my ankles where I got a bad case of cellulitus the 4th time I used Cellfood, causing a 3-day visit in a local hospital and another two weeks off of work taking antibiotics and not being able to walk). While taking Cellfood, I also got mild headaches and felt very irritable. Here is what I think (assume) was going on when I was taking Cellfood: Toxins accumulate mostly around feet and then hands. (I read that somewhere.) My cells were trying to get rid of the toxins through my skin causing the small bumps on the top layer of skin which triggered the itching mechanisms of the body so that the toxic bumps can be scratched off and disposed of. My suggestion in taking Cellfood is to stop taking it as soon as you start having problems and wait a couple of weeks before using it again at a lower amount. Keep repeating, stopping and lowering the amount used if problems continue. We all need to get the toxins out. Detoxifying to fast can also be a problem in itself. So learn from what your body is telling you and take your time. Best to you in Health and may God bless.

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      acornercwa12 5 years ago

      Thanks for this lens! love it.


      corner cabinet

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      MyFinancialFreedom 6 years ago

      Excellent lens! I just started taking Cell Food myself 5 days ago. I have experienced the rash around my eyes and on my forehead as well. Also, increased urination....the body eliminating all of the toxins. Any more results after taking the Cell Food for the full 3 months?