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10 Types of Women’s Dance That Are Great for Fitness


Dance classes are a great way to get exercise while also having fun. Men and women can both take dance classes, of course. However, there are some forms of dance that are particularly appealing to women as a way of working out. These forms of dance let them get in touch with their feminine side, explore their own sense of self and creatively express themselves through movement. Although this can be experienced through any form of dance, some types of dance classes make it easier than others do.

Here is a look at ten different types of dance classes that are particularly ideal for women:

  1. Pole dancing. You don’t see a whole lot of men doing these types of dances and that’s because they’re really made just for women. These dances are specifically designed to let you explore your feminine sexuality. You don’t have to perform them for others, of course. It’s something you can learn just to have fun. Think that this isn’t a good form of exercise? Just take one class and see how much strength it requires from your arms, legs and core and you’ll never question that again!
  2. Burlesque dancing. This is another form of dance that is usually done by women. It is more of a performance art than a dance, per se. However, it does include dancing. If you are willing and interested in creating dance routines that involve a fast-paced musical tune then you can definitely get a good bout of exercise with this form of dance. Additionally, the fact that this is a performance type of dance designed for an audience may motivate you to do some of the other forms of exercise (like crunches) that will help to get your body just a bit more stage-ready. A related form of dance is to learn the ancient art of can can dancing!
  3. Hula hoop dancing. This is a terrific form of exercise that’s getting increasingly popular in dance studios around the nation. The fun part of this is that you’re learning to hula hoop. You set this to music and explore how to dance while hooping. This provides a total body workout that offers a great level of fitness. Additionally, this is a form of dance that really encourages a stronger mind-body connection which is appealing to many women.
  4. Yoga dance. Speaking of that mind-body connection, you may find that you want to combine yoga and dance. It’s tough to find teachers who are able to do this but it is a form of dance that does exist. However, these two things go hand-in-hand so if you start asking around among yoga teachers in your area then you should be able to find someone willing to help you explore this form of dance fitness.
  5. Go Go Dancing. This is a great form of dance that was popular in the clubs years ago. These days, you can find classes that teach you how to do it. It’s a fun one for women because you get to dress up in period pieces and really have a ball. However, it’s also a good workout. It is typically set to fast paced music and gives you a great chance to get in some cardio.
  6. Jazzercise. A lot of people poke fun at this form of dance fitness but there is a good reason that there was a craze around it for awhile. It offers a really good workout and you’re moving along to the music so you don’t necessarily realize just how hard your body has to work to keep up. Although it’s not as popular as it once was, it’s still really easy to find Jazzercise classes in many areas. There are also many DVDs for doing this dance fitness at home. There may be some men into this one but really it’s more of a thing that women seem to enjoy.
  7. Belly Dancing. This is another one that you pretty much just see women doing. It’s an art that is sexy and fun. It also has cultural significance for some women. Many women really like to focus on the belly when working out because getting a good shape for the stomach is something that we’re taught to seek from fitness. Belly dancing helps you to do this while also helping you to celebrate the shape that your stomach is already in. It’s a very powerful form of dance fitness.
  8. Ballroom Cardio. This is a type of dance fitness that you might not find a lot of classes for but you can easily find DVDs to work out too. It has become popular now that ballroom dancing has gained more favor (which happened thanks to TV reality dance shows). This is definitely a good workout for women.
  9. Country Line Dancing. Yes, there’s no doubt that you’ll find cowboys and couples at a line dancing club. However, this is a particular fun form of working out for women who want to exercise while having a great time with their girlfriends. Gather the girls, put on your boots and head to the club for gals’ night. As long as you stay on the dance floor and don’t drink much or at all, this can be a truly terrific form of exercise.
  10. Free Form or Open Mic Dance Classes. Women are often more comfortable than men are with just going to a class, listening to the music and seeing what happens with their bodies. This is a great way to get in touch with your own sense of self-expression through dance. It’s also a great way to exercise. Try to look for classes or groups that offer dancing to fast-paced music so that you get a better workout.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Viv from near Seattle, WA on September 05, 2016:

What about Barre?

RK from USA on September 01, 2016:

Dancing is not only good for fitness but it is a lot of FUN too so that helps to motivate people. Nice hub :)

Viv from near Seattle, WA on May 30, 2016:

Here is one P!nk does:

Viv from near Seattle, WA on May 30, 2016:

I love old school hip hop dancing, it really makes me work up a sweat if I'm at it long enough. Another dance I love to watch is aerial bungee dancing and don't forget Barre Fusion.

Katrina Ariel from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada on March 18, 2010:

Dancing is such a fun way to stay in shape. These are great ideas and a variety of dance styles to keep fitness interesting and fun. :)

Betty Reid from Texas on March 18, 2010:

Good suggestions. I know some older and overweight people who stay in great shape with ballroom and country dancing.

second hand cars on March 18, 2010:

Really its very useful information.

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