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Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Start Zumba Class and Learn How to Dance

Anya Brodech is a professional salsa, Latin, swing, and ballroom dance teacher in Oakland, CA.

Sometimes dancing in a room full of women isn't a bad thing

Sometimes dancing in a room full of women isn't a bad thing

Can Men Do Zumba?

Zumba was created and founded by Beto Perez, who's an amazing dude from Colombia that knows how to dance. So don't worry about being labeled "gay" or other words for being interested in Zumba. You wouldn't make fun of a guy for knowing how to dance salsa, would you? So before we go any further, I just want you to get over that mental obstacle that going to Zumba class makes you "less of a man" or any other Neanderthal thinking like that. There's a shortage of men in Zumba, so let's work on fixing this discrepancy.

So anyway, here's a list of 5 reasons why guys should learn how to Zumba.

Zumba Founder Beto Perez

Zumba Founder Beto Perez

1.Women L-O-V-E Men Who Zumba

Remember how I said that Zumba was created by a guy? Well, guess what? He's pretty popular with the ladies and women are obsessed with him.

Sure he's a professional dancer and in amazing shape, but that doesn't mean that you too can become a pretty amazing dancer and in really good shape yourself as well someday!

Check out this article from Men's Fitness if you don't believe me!

2. You'll Learn How to Move

Zumba is a great place to learn how to move your body in all sorts of ways and look awesome and sexy. Think about Usher and all of those cool music video dance guys. You're probably not gonna learn how to do backflips in class, but you will learn a lot of cool and interesting dance moves that you can use when you're out in the club or anywhere that there's music playing. I mean come on, don't you want to be able to do something other than the "sprinkler" or "grocery cart"?

Besides, all women know that men who can keep a beat on the dance floor, can keep a beat in the bedroom.

3. You get a Great, Fun, Cardio Workout

If you usually do your cardio on the elliptical, treadmill, or run outside, Zumba is a great way to mix things up. You don't have to replace all of your cardio with Zumba, but just one class a week will be enough to make a difference and keep you from getting bored. Plus with the exciting music, you'll be too busy having fun dancing around to notice how quickly the hour goes by!

Even if you don't do every move in class perfectly, you still get a great workout at the end of class. I love Zumba because it gets me moving, and being in a class setting makes me stay energized and stops me from being lazy during my workout. Even when I get tired during class, having everyone being upbeat around me, urges me to keep on moving.

Doing Zumba helps improve your coordination

Doing Zumba helps improve your coordination

4. Improve your Coordination

This may not seem obvious, but cross-training and doing Zumba really helps with your coordination in other athletic activities. Ever heard of professional football players taking ballet classes to help them with their game? The principle applies here. Zumba encompasses a wide variety of dances and specific movements, all of which help you get in touch with your body and teach you how to move in different ways. Since every song contains different movements, you'll never be bored doing the same thing over and over. This will stimulate your brain and force you to pay attention to what your body is doing and really put you to work.

5. Improve Your Strength and Flexibility

Since Zumba covers a wide range of movements, you'll be moving your body in ways that you're probably not used to. You might feel sore during or after class, but your muscles will get stronger over time. If you already work out, then you'll just be reinforcing your muscles, and if you're out of shape, this is a good place to start building up your strength.

In addition to building strength, you'll also be developing your flexibility from reaching and stretching during all of the moves in class. At first, you might not get very far, but gradually you'll find that it's easier to do more and more.


Why Zumba is Good for Men

Zumba is great for men because it gets them out of the traditional manly-man Neanderthal mindset that prevails in our society and gives them an opportunity to have fun and move around in a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental environment. Trust me when I say, that everyone is too busy worrying about themselves to be looking at what you are or aren't doing, so there's no need to feel shy. Plus, Zumba class isn't a competition, so don't expect perfection because no one else is. It's okay to make mistakes and learn different things than you're used to. In time, you'll become more comfortable, confident, and secure in yourself because you'll learn (if you haven't already) that making mistakes is okay and the music and life go on, and all that matters is that you have a good time!

Happy dancing and happy Zumba! See you on the dance floor!

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