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7 Amazing Benefits of Jazzercise


Before you look at the title and assume that I am one of those exercise/health nuts, think again! For most of my 32 years, I have absoluted hated exercising. I have tried to get out and walk regularly or play sports, and I have even tried at-home videos. There isn't a single program that I was able to stick to until this year.

Last year, I had a life-changing moment when I stepped on the scale and saw the numbers go all the way up to 200 lbs. I had no idea that I had gained so much weight. I think I was trying to ignore it, honestly, telling myself that it was just a few pounds. Being 5'7" tall, my normal recommended weight is somewhere around 150 lbs, so I was carrying around an extra 50 lbs. My energy was low, I wasn't feeling well in general, and even though I couldn't see it, my heart was getting weaker. I was heading down a path that might someday lead to heart disease.

I tried a few things like Weight Watchers and even the Carmen Elektra Striptease DVD's, but nothing got me excited enough to really keep it up. Earlier this year, someone suggested Jazzercise, and I have been so happy that I joined. Before I went, I thought it would be some 80's style aerobics where people were wearing leg warmers and bandanas and happily skipping around to Olivia Newton John songs. Boy was I wrong! Jazzercise is modern and incorporates music from techno to top 40's. Curious about some of the amazing benefits I have gotten from Jazzercise? Here are my top 7 reasons for loving every minute of it.


1. Jazzercise Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

The number one killer in America is Heart Disease. In fact, I was shocked to learn that ONE OUT OF THREE people dies from heart disease in our country! The very best way that you can help decrease your risk of heart related disease is to exercise. Of course, there are tons of different ways to exercise, and you need to find something that works for you, even if it is just simply walking your dog around the block every day.

However, if you're like me, you have a very hard time actually sticking to any exercise routine because to be honest, you just don't enjoy it. I whole-heartedly recommend that you try Jazzercise and see what you think. Every class is 60 minutes long and doing that just two or three times a week could reduce your risk of heart disease by as much as 50% . Why? Basically because your heart gets stronger and can pump more blood with less effort. You are lowering your blood pressure and the benefits of a healthy heart are endless!

2. You Will Have More ENERGY

It's funny how this works, but expending energy through exercise leads to more energy in general. For a long time, I always allowed myself the excuse of "I don't have enough time to exercise!" Of course, I was struggling just to get through the day without feeling tired and sleepy and just worn out.

After I started going to Jazzercise in the mornings, I found that taking an hour out of my busy schedule to exercise actually increased my productivity and energy so much that I got more done throughout the day. Even if you think you simply don't have an extra hour in the day to go exercise, take a week and make the time. You just might find that you get more done in the long run with less time.

3. Jazzercise is Right For All Fitness Levels

I wouldn't be caught dead in a normal gym. Why not? I'm too embarrassed to go. It seems like there are always such good looking, muscular people at the gym, and you hear about how so-and-so met their boyfriend there, etc. And besides that, I have no idea what to do with half of the equipment in a gym. Maybe it's silly to be scared to go to a gym or embarrassed about it, but I'm just being honest. If you feel comfortable going to the gym, more power to you. It's just not my cup of tea.

I was a little bit nervous the first time I went to Jazzercise, but only until I walked in the door. There were people of every different fitness level, and almost everyone was female. Throughout the routines, some people do extra things to make it harder, while others make sure to just keep moving and do their best. I have never once felt a judgmental eye on me. Every day that I go, I know that I am challenging myself, and there is definitely room to grow. it's such a comfortable atmosphere, and I love it!


4. The Routines Work Every Major Muscle Group

I've tried those videos like "Abs of Steel" and such, but the problem is that I need more of a workout than just 30 minutes of abs work. I don't think there's a single part of my body that doesn't need some tightening and toning. Plus, I get bored of working on one specific muscle group for a long period of time.

In the Jazzercise routines, it's more like dancing, so you work every muscle group, and even have fun doing it. I know there's no way anyone could call it boring, that's for sure! Also, at the end of every class, there is strength training portion where you focus on abs, glutes,upper body (like biceps and such), and inner thighs. I don't know about you, but those are all areas I would love to see some improvement. And the great thing is that they don't linger on a certain area for 30 minutes. You get one song of it, which is usually like 3 minutes or something. It helps me to push myself harder and not "cheat" because I know that I can do anything for just 3 minutes.

I don't have any delusions that I will look like this girl in the picture in just a few short months... but I do know this: I will never have even a hint of a body like that if I just sit on my couch all day and never exercise!

5. Exercise Strengthens Your Bones

Did you know that strengthening your muscles also strengthens your bones? I had no idea until the instructor told me that in class one day. Then, of course, I had to look it up to see if she was right. People who do not exercise are just setting themselves up for osteoporosis later in life. Research has shown that people who exercise their muscles are also strengthening the bones those muscles are attached to.

I guess it's really not something we think about as young people, but the stronger your bones are when you are younger, the stronger your bones will be when you are older. Continuous exercise throughout your life seriously reduces your risk of broken bones. A broken bone at age 25 might just be considered an inconvenience to most people, but a broken bone at age 75 could be catastrophic. It is important to exercise now to make your bones stronger. Since Jazzercise works all of your major muscle groups, you are strengthening your bones all over your body each time you go.

6. Jazzercise Makes You Happier by Reducing Stress

Everyone has stress in their lives. So often as women and mothers, we are juggling so many things that we hardly take any time out for ourselves to release tension and deal with the stress in our lives. It is proven that stress causes serious damage to your health. It can lead to heart disease, weight gain or unhealthy weight loss, high cholesterol, and depression. For me, it also leads to unhealthy skin, which is a nightmare.

By taking time out to exercise a few times a week, you can reduce your stress significantly. You can get rid of the tension in your muscles by making them stronger and warming them up so you can stretch them out. You can counter depression with exercise because it releases endorfins and other chemicals that just make you feel better in general. Also, most people sleep better at night when they exercise regularly, which definitely reduces stress.

Of course, most kinds of exercise will carry this benefit. I just choose to Jazzercise because on top of the other things I mentioned, it's so much fun that it makes me happy just being there.

7. Weight Loss

Most women who are overweight fantasize about losing it. I know I do. I tried different diets and weight loss programs, but the bottom line is that without exercise, you will never get the body you want. Everyone who is serious about losing weight needs to be ready to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise.

With Jazzercise, I didn't lose a lot of weight right away. In fact, I actually gained a little bit at first because I was strengthening my muscles. But muscle burns fat, so gradually I have begun to lose weight. So far, in the past several months, I have lost 16 pounds. And it's more than just the pounds that show. Because my muscles are more toned and healthy, I look like I've lost even more weight than that. It's not a miracle cure where you will drop 50 lbs.overnight, but I have never found anything like that anyway, even though some things promise amazing results. In the end, it's regular exercise that will lead you to your weight loss goals.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I know I probably sound like a commercial for Jazzercise at times, but honestly, I don't work for Jazzercise at all. I am just a regular girl. The truth is that I have searched for so long to find a way that I could actually enjoy exercising, and now that I have found it, I want to share it with the world. Most Jazzercise locations will give you a free trial week to go and experience the classes to see what you think. Oh, and the good news once you do sign up is that when you pay the monthly fee (which is less than a Weight Watchers monthly fee, btw), you can go to any class anytime. My local Jazzercise here in Cary, North Carolina has classes 6 times a day throughout the week and again several times on the weekends. For the same price, I could go twice a day if I wanted to, which is a really good deal.

The important thing is that no matter what your fitness level is now, you need to make an effort to find a form of exercise that brings you joy. It could truly save your life... in more ways than one.

If you enjoyed this article or have something you want to say about Jazzercise or the exercise that you love, please comment below!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Busynell on February 13, 2018:

I started 27 years ago when a good friend invited me to go with her to a class before work one day. I felt so good, I wanted to keep going and I have been going ever since.

Carol Joy on January 19, 2018:

Oh my gosh, so much of your story sounds almost exactly like mine! A friend gave me a 30 day free trial last January 31st, and I've been going 4-6 times a week since! I can't believe how much I love it! I have never been so driven to be consistent with any workout. And most certainly never by going on my own. In September I was finally able to fit back into pants I hadn't been able to wear for about 2.5 years! It's been awesome. And so much fun. I'm actually sad on days I have to miss. I knew I wasn't the only one.

Nellie Grin on January 19, 2018:

@jazzerciseshelbyville I have been Jazzercising for 6yrs and have loved every single minute of it! Thank You Judi and Shana for leading such an amazing program! I am proud to call Jazzercise Shelbyville my 2nd home!

Kathy D. on January 19, 2018:

I've been Jazzercising for over 20 years and it is the best workout for me! The "set" of routines changes about every 12 weeks so it never gets boring and as you said, it can be tailored to your fitness level. I've made so many good friends there and find it to be an extremely supportive environment. So glad you discovered it!!

JazzerAddict! on January 18, 2018:

Absolutely! I LOVE Jazzercise and have gained so much physical strength and confidence because of it. I'm in my 20s and honestly would rather have a Jazzer-dance party than go out to the club. For me, it's the perfect full-body workout and it's SO much FUN! If you're on the fence about it, you might be surprised how much you enjoy a trial class. If you think Jazzercise isn't for athletes, think again - we have marathon runners, professional dancers, and fitness models in our class!

April from Humble, Tx on January 18, 2018:

Thank you for writing this article. I agree with every single thing you said here. I love jazzercise, so fun, it does keep me coming back. I have also made some great friends and we keep each other accountable. I cant say enough good things about it. It makes me happy and helps give me confidence!

Cortenay on January 17, 2018:

Thanks for sharing this post! I’ve been Jazzercising for 18 years. I started when I was 21. I jazzed through all 3 of my pregnancies. Now that I’m a mom of 3, I NEED jazzercise! Not only for physical health, but for my mental health!! It’s my kind of work out. I love to sing. I love to dance and I love to laugh. I get to do all of those things during my workout! So great. Not to mention the beauties I’ve come to know in our South Bend IN jazzercise Family. Some of the best people on the planet!! I’m a jazzercise lifer❤️

Gordonna Smith on January 17, 2018:

Jazzercise is fun and so beneficial in all the ways mentioned in this article. I recommend it! You will be glad you took that first step to join!!!

Nanci Heaton on January 17, 2018:

I did not start jazzercisig until I was in my 50s and I am so happy that I discovered it. It is exercise that is FUN.

Now I am approaching 80 and I still go every day – that's how much I enjoy it.

Sack on January 17, 2018:

I also feel like I could have written this article. I was RELUCTANT to try Jazzercise because I really had difficulty with aerobic dvd’s and following the steps. I watched the first class from the back of the room and couldn’t sit still .... decided to give it a try and absolutely fell in love with it for all the reasons listed above. My friends think I’m a walking advertisement for Jazzercise but I have NO investment other than to want to have my friends enjoy it as much as I do and live happier, healthier lives...

Kristin on January 17, 2018:

I taught Jazzercise and am now attending 5-6 classes a week. It's fun, strength training, all you need in 1 hour. You'll get hooked!!!

Mary, Connecticut on January 17, 2018:

I could've have written this article myself. I agree with everything said. Jazz has changed my life. It is hard for me to make the time, especially after an 8 hour work day and during busy weekends; but it's always worth it; and there are so many positives...physically and mentally.

Gina on January 16, 2018:

I have done Jazzercise for more than 30 years and plan to continue for the rest of my life. There are people in our classes in their 90’s. I want to be them when I grow up! It is fun for every age and every fitness level.

Brenda on January 16, 2018:

Love Jazzercise, saved my sanity and my marriage after retirement!

Arline on January 16, 2018:

I have been doing Jazzercise for 10 years. I love it. My mom passed away from heart disease at 64. I don’t want to go down that road. Jazzercise makes me feel good and I do think it helps keep me healthy.

Mclind on February 02, 2017:

Thank you for your informative article. I would like to know your experience with Seniors and Jazzercise. I have started but am not sure this is for me.

Nancy A. on October 25, 2016:

I would love to try Jazzercize! Are there any DVD's available somewhere? I would like to do them at home! Thank you, your article was really good!

Kati on August 23, 2016:

I LOVE Jazzerize!!!!! Can't find classes anywhere.. I live in Surprise AZ (it's a adjoining town to Phoenix AZ) I have tried and tried to locate a Jazerize class and NO LUCK. CAN YOU OR SOMEONE READING GIVE ME ANY IDEAS! PLEASE.

Ethel on January 14, 2015:

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Anootty on January 10, 2015:

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mary wilson on February 25, 2014:

Jazzercise is mental and physical! As stated above, it is SO much FUN (mental) and good for you (physical). It is addictive in a good way! I look forward to going to my friendly, local Jazzercise center. BTW, we do many activities socially together - even took a stretch Limo to see the musical Menopause! Sometimes just coffee after class or even just chit chat for a few minutes. You WILL NOT find a better exercising group of (mostly) ladies! Spunky!!

Ruth May, Louisiana on June 14, 2013:

I joined Jazzercise about three months ago and signed up that night for the EFT to join for a year. I absolutely love the classes and have become an addict to the increase in energy, release of stress and sense of accomplishment. I've not lost any weight but I'm streamlining and toning very quickly. People are noticing and I have a sparkle in my eyes again. I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention my stamina has increased tremendously for life's activities? I'm a very happy girl of 58.

Jennifer Bickel on January 11, 2013:

I really appreciate this article! I have been with Jazzercise a long time and decided to get certified in 1992. I have seen many fitness trends over the years and love love love that Jazzercise continues to stay on the cutting edge! I love teaching and it's amazing that 20 years have gone by in a flash! It has kept me in tip top shape so I can't complain. Ladies you have to try it to be a believer and stick with it to see the real results. Jen Bickel, Romeoville, IL Jazzercise

Chris on January 11, 2013:

I am a 56 year old,recently returning Jazzerciser. (1 year ago). I was a faithful Jazzerciser for many years when my kids were younger. I happened to come across some photo's during that time,and thought to myself,I had never looked better,why did I ever leave? Of course,life goes on,the kids are now grown and on their own,and 4 years ago,I underwent surgery to replace my right hip. All went incredibly well,I got my life back,and am now back to Jazzercising 4+ times a week. There's not much that I can't do during a typical class,and the instructors are always great about showing different options! Most people at class would never guess that I have a hip replacement! I work in the food service industry,and my job is very physical,so I need to be on my game! I Jazzercise every morning before work,and I run circles around everybody (some younger than me!) all day long. I could go on and on,but you get the picture! Run,don't walk,to a Jazzercise will not regret it!

Victoria on January 09, 2013:

I am about to turn 40 and so thankful that I started Jazzercise 3 months ago. I used to be in sports in high school, but haven't done anything but gain weight since. I've tried the gym and videos like 90-minute trainer. Nothing worked until Jazzercise. I've lost 10lbs so far in 3 months, which might not sound like alot, but I've gained muscle, so lost more than 10lbs of fat AND...all this through the holidays! Not only did I not change my diet, but I ate worse than normal with so many holiday parties and treats. I highly, highly recommend Jazzercise, and btw, I CAN"T DANCE! But it doesn't still works! on January 09, 2013:

I have been Jazzercising off and on for 34 years. It's awesome. Try it , you will love it. If you like to dance and nobody is judgmental and we come in all shapes and sizes to have fun and exercise. You make new friends and we all have laughs. You will not regret it.

Suzy davis on January 09, 2013:

Loved reading all the new jazzercise student stories and ones from us old timer students! I started taking classes in 1988, took classes all the way to end of my last 2 pregnancies and came back 2 weeks after, got certified in 2001 and taught body sculpting and junior jazzercise for 3 years. Loved teaching juniors and my kids went to every class and did performances with me. I no longer teach but am an active student. I am turning 50 this year and can say that hearing all my friends who have gone and tried so many gyms, programs etc. I am still the same size I was 25 years ago! No other programs thru the years help you stay consistent and look forward to working out. I also am blessed to have met many beautiful woman over the years thru classes and can say that and most of them are my best friends still!

Edina,MN jazzercise on January 09, 2013:

Fantastic! Thank you for speaking out! I've been an instructor for almost 20 years, and I was in the same boat! It is a program I will teach forever! My dream was to have my own center one day...dream came true...preimere center in Edina,MN, 22 instructors and 50+ classes a week! I love what I do and the wonderful program jazzercise! So glad you found us! Welcome to the family! Sherry bartells

Chris51 on July 21, 2012:

I just joined Jazzercise a month ago and I love it too. I did it in college over 30 years prior and it feels great. I'm doing weight watchers along with it and I feel I have finally found what I need to do for the rest of my life. You can be any shape size or age to enjoy Jazzercise!!! My instructor is so great too she makes exercising fun those are words I never thought I would write. Give it a try you'll be glad you did:)

Pam51 on August 20, 2011:

Going to my first class on Monday, looking forward to the workout and having more energy.

Kristine on July 20, 2011:

I went to my first class tonight. It was hard, but well worth it! I joined for a year and am going back tomorrow night!

cher50 on July 08, 2011:

I joined Jazzercise about 4 wks ago and it is the best thing I have ever done.. My energy level is unreal and I feel so much better about myself and have noticed some changes in my arms and legs. This exercise is great for any age and I highly recommend it. There have been a few times I have tried to talk myself out of going but went anyway. Don't even think about it just DO IT.

Michelle on April 14, 2011:

Hello ladies! What great testimonies to the benefits of Jazzercise!

I joined in January of 2005, and was not a confident person. My mother passed in August 2005 from Alzheimer's Disease. I threw myself into Jazzercise classes and in March 2006 I became an instructor! 2 years later, I became a center owner, and today I am back to being just an instructor!

I love the friends I have made, the workout is the best, focusing on each and every body part, safety tips, and intensity are all keys in getting your best workout in class!! My confidence and self esteem have sky rocketed, and my body is stronger than ever!

Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching wrapped up in 1 great, fun filled, stress reducing workout!!

Keep up the great workouts!!!

lynne Ryczek on March 11, 2011:

I am so glad I found this while looking for info about Jazzercise. A friend gave me a gift certificate for 3 free months and have been dragging my feet about going. I was envisioning the regular gym scene that I don't like. I am definitely going to go Monday morning. I have about 60 lbs to lose and was afraid I would be too overweight to do it, but no longer. Thank you for all your insights.

Carol on June 26, 2010:

Okay, all you cute young woman. I am 72 years young and have been doing Jazzersise for 3 years. I live in a retirment community and we have 50-100 woman 3 days a week,depending on what time of the year..I live in Arizona so a lot of people go up north. But we can really move and people are pretty surpised to see that we all show up and LOVE what we do. I have developed may friends too and I have NO aches or pains and I know Jazzersise has helped me stay healthey. So girls keep at it and at age 72 you can still keep at it. We too, have ladies that are very energetic and others that have health issues and move at their own pace, but they are there and very faithful. Plus it's so much fun...

Blanca on January 13, 2010:

:) I loved reading the article and all the comments to it. I'm currently 19yrs old, but I discovered Jazzercise when I was 15yrs old and went with my mother, who was 55, for about a month. We ended up moving to an area where there was O jazzercise facilities and LET ME TELL YOU, it shows! When I was 15, I was 115 pounds, and now I'm 126lbs and 5'2" which might seem light to some, but it isn't. Most of it is fat! I have absolutely no muscle mass and I've never been really active either, but the moment I finished my 1st jazzecise class -- I knew it was for me. Week 2, my uncle + family were asking if I was working out, and it showed. I just graduated high school, and want to get fit before summer. Wish me luck ladies!

Renae on January 11, 2010:

Hello--I echo what everyone else has said! I too often sound like a Jazzercise commercial because I love Jazzercise so much!! I started going in 1979 wnen I was 19 and in college. I too was hooked after the very first class!I love it so much and continued going until about 9 years ago. I only stopped because I was in a car accident and had some nerve damage and was in treatment for about a year. Then ironically, the last day of my treatment for the nerve damage, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. I have not been able to go back since but I am going to try to gradually go back this year. We have Jazzercise lite in my area and I understand is that it is low impact but high intensity. I remember a lot of my favorite routines and I've downloaded the songs to my ipod and do the routines here at home.I did that this morning and it's so much fun!

When I first started going to Jazzercise, I only went once a week--on Saturdays. There was only one instructor in town and the other classes she taught were during the day when I was in class. Then about a year later, a second instructor came to town and offered classes in the evenings and she had classes everyday and 2 back to back each night! Sometimes I would even stay for 2! After graduating I moved away and the first thing I did was hunt for a Jazzercise class. I found one but found I wasn't enjoying it. I thought that perhaps I was tired of it so I started looking for other types of classes. Let me tell you--regular "aerobic" classes suck! Oh my gosh--they are SO boring!!! I realized at that point that it was the instructor that I didn't like--she was very different from what I was used to. But I started going back to her and got discouraged because she would cancel class a lot. I hated that because my body craved it! Finally, one Saturday she cancelled and I really wanted a class so I found another class that I could make it to and what an awesome instructor!! I loved her so much and she had huge classes! About 200 per class and she also taught multiple classes every night, had day classes a couple days each week AND she added a Sunday class!! I started going most weeks, everyday. I was addicted. I was always the first one to sign up for the classes for the causes--heart, leukemia, etc. They were usually 2 hour classes but I did have one that was 4 and I could have kept going. It truly is addicting but what a good addiction for me! After 10 years, I moved again--a little over an hour away and once again started my search for a new instructor. In the mean time, would you believe I would still go to the other instrutor (an hour away) a couple times a week? She was THAT good!

I'm sorry this is so long but I just wanted to share. I really hope that I can get back to class this year and gradually work my way up to a regular class again. For a long time, it was my dream to become an instructor but I don't think I could handle that. But I am certainly enjoying doing my Jazzercise at home (even have a few Jazzercise DVD's/videos) until I can get to class!

Thanks for reading!

Angela on January 09, 2010:

Angela - I have to say that the 3 of you completely sum up my feelings. I just started 1/5/2010 and have gone to 3 classes right now. I have been 210 for about 6 years and have tried a LOT of different things. I feel for the first time that I have finally found what I have been looking for! My only complaint is that I feel hard on the inside and super flabby on the outside, something that I know will improve with time. If I didn't like the dancing and switching of body parts to workout, I might not have stayed with it. But for now, I cant wait for the next class and hope the best for everyone who gives it a try.

Zhanna on September 23, 2009:

When reading your article I thought :"hm, is it possible that I wrote this and don't remember now?". That's how really close it describes my thoughts and feelings. I joined in mid June (2009), so I'm a member for 3.5 months now and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! I am 37 (will be in less than a week), and never, NEVER in my life I've done ANY kind of sports, fitness clubs...I used to "diet" (I used to starve myself) and was size 2, 4, even 0 for some time. Couple of times in my life I went up to size 12+ (I call it:-). I have 2 kids, one is 16 (y.o) and the other one is 1 (y.o:-), and now a size 6. It's not bad, even thought I do have some extra weight, but my body is so horribly ... well, let's say not toned at all. I'd love to go back to 4, but now I refuse to starve. I want to eat healthy and its another problem of mine, because I'm a compulsive overeater, so Jazzercise for me is a lifesaver. I DON"T GAIN, and the way I eat ever since I had a baby last summer, is a big deal. I'm not losing either, even thought my DH says that my legs look completely different. And he says I look thiner (I don't see that when I put on pants), and some people at work told me I lost weight. I don't have a scale, as my DH got rid of it:-))) But I don't think I'm loosing. But all of those people can't be wrong, right? CAn't wait to weigh myself at my doc's next week!

LOVE JAZZERCISE! WITH ALL MY HEART! Just wish I can go more often, but with full-time job and a baby...4 times a week is more than I can ask form right?

Cyndi on June 02, 2009:

Hi! I just wanted to say i loved your article. To be honest with you a couple of weeks ago , i was one of those thinkin that jazzercise was for erlderly people, very slow, and not a good workout. It only took me ONE class to change my mind, and be a jazzercise lover! I sign up for the monthly EFT, which i think is great!!!. Jazzercise is for everybody who wants to exercise continoulsy, have a routing , lose weight, feel good, etc. I will strongly recommend it, at least try it one and then judge it yourself. Good LOOK :)