Butt and Thighs Weight Training to Build a Better Butt

Updated on May 9, 2018
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Dr. Abby Campbell is a Naturopathic Doctor & President of 911 Body ResQ, an online store providing organic and non-GMO supplements.

Doing a deadlift.
Doing a deadlift. | Source

Free! Jennifer Nicole Lee and Tracy Anderson Workouts

Whether you are pear or apple shape, you will still benefit from working out your butt and thighs. Pear shaped women have a tendency to put on body fat in the legs (specifically the thighs), while apple shaped women need to beef up their derriere. Whether you are trying to slim down your thighs or beef up your derriere, weight training will benefit your body greatly.

You may be asking, "Why can't I just do an intense cardio workout to trim my thighs?" Though cardio is important for losing body fat, weight training will also sculpt your legs to take on a beautiful shape. Besides, the more muscle mass helps you burn more body fat in that area.

Now, don't get the wrong idea! Women cannot obtain bulky muscles from weight training like men can. We don't even have the DNA for this, unless your hormones are out of whack. That is usually far and few between. Women you see in muscle magazines and on bodybuilding shows have attained a high mass of muscle due to taking sports enhancing supplements, prescription hormones, or even illegal drugs. As long as you are eating a healthy diet, you have nothing to worry about. You will only gain a a well-built body. As for the gal who has stickly legs, weight training will sculpt her legs to beauty.

In addition to leg training, the glutes seem to be all the rage today. If you don't know what glutes are, that's the thing you sit on called your "butt." Where the 1960s to the 1980s dictated us to have small derrieres, every woman now wants to have a big butt. Don't laugh! We're not talking about a big "fat" butt with sad dimples. We're talking about the "Brazilian" type derriere that is round, firm, and walking tall. Women with either flabby or pancake backsides can have this bodacious derriere that they can be proud of.

Two different workout routines for women are included below. The first one includes a challenging weight training instruction and video from celebrity fitness model, Jennifer Nicole Lee. The second video is a workout by celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson. You may complete her workout at home if you don't have a gym membership or weightlifting equipment. Both workouts will provide you with incredulous ways to build a better butt and legs, whether it is for a special event or to show off the new sexy you at the beach.

Jennifer Nicole Lee will help you build a better butt and legs.
Jennifer Nicole Lee will help you build a better butt and legs. | Source

Jennifer Nicole Lee Workout for a Bubble Booty and Lean Legs

As one of the hottest international fitness models, Jennifer Nicole Lee will teach you how to tone and build a sexy butt and sculpt leaner legs. She is a testimony for many women. A mother of four boys, she reached her highest weight at over 200 pounds just a few years ago. She didn't allow that to hold her back though! She began training and sculpted her own body into one that portrays the beautiful glutes and legs most women are searching for.

Below is a very challenging workout to help you sculpt your own body. Do this workout twice per week and begin seeing results by the end of the first week. That's right! Jennifer doesn't hold you back but gives you the tools to reach your highest potential.

If you decide to do this workout twice per week, spread those two workouts throughout the week. You may want to incorporate this into your schedule on Mondays and Thursday, or Tuesdays and Fridays. By spreading the workouts evenly throughout the week, your body will have time to heal and be ready for the next.

This challenging workout contains six circuits. Jennifer instructs you to do each circuit three times before moving onto the next. If you are new, however, you may want to begin with one to two circuits each. Gauge your body and see how you're feeling. The entire workout should take you approximately 45 minutes to complete with three rounds. Best of all, you kill two birds with one stone as she not only takes you through weight training but cardio as well.

Learn how to do the workout with the video to your right. A table is show below with the workout for your convenience.

Exercises for Jennifer Nicole Lee Workout

WARM-UP (Jump Rope) 5 minutes
Dumbbell Squat with Alternating Leg Kicks (30 seconds)
Plank Power Taps on Bench (30 seconds)
Dumbbell Alternating Knee Ups (30 seconds)
Bench Up and Overs (30 seconds)
Pushup with Alternating Back Leg Extensions (30 seconds)
Beach Bunny Hops Holding Onto Bench (30 seconds)
Dumbbell Alternating Side Lunges Touching Hand Weights from Side to Side (30 seconds)
Glides Holding on Bench (30 seconds)
Romanian Dead Lifts (30 seconds)
Snatch & Grabs (30 seconds)
Butt Busters Face Down & Butt Up (30 seconds)
Titanium Tucks (30 seconds)
Tracy Anderson will work your butt and thighs without any fitness equipment.
Tracy Anderson will work your butt and thighs without any fitness equipment. | Source

Tracy Anderson Workout for Butt and Thighs

You may have seen fitness guru, Tracy Anderson, on television talk shows. She is famous for training the stars in Hollywood such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Nicole Richie, and Courtney Cox. Famous for her booty, Jennifer Lopez is considered one of the sexiest women in the world. On the other hand, Madonna is known for her toned and tight body, even in her 50s.

Tracy's training method works both small and large muscle groups of the butt and legs. She usually works the large muscle groups first as they fatigue faster. Smaller muscle groups are then worked so that they can pull in the larger muscle groups.

Much of Tracy's work is on the floor in doggie style and does not require any dumbbells or barbells. This is perfect for the woman who doesn't have a gym membership or can't leave her home to exercise. Just provide yourself with some floor space.

Tracy's challenging workout for your butt and thighs do not include any dumbbells, barbells, or fitness equipment. All you need is your body weight and a mind to go for it. For those of you who are use to weight training, don't think you won't get a great workout from these exercises. Tracy has you complete one side without any interruption and 30 reps for each of the 5 exercises. This causes isolated muscle contractions which will really pull the muscles together. You will definitely feel the burn.

Below is a detailed outline of Tracy's workout, and her training video is to your right.

Tracy Anderson's Workout for Butt and Legs

WARMUP (5 minutes)
RIGHT LEG: Alternating Lunge & Lift (30 reps)
RIGHT LEG: Kickbacks (30 reps)
RIGHT LEG: Straight Leg Wag (30 reps)
RIGHT LEG: Knee Bends with Kickback (30 reps)
RIGHT LEG: Crossover & Kickbacks (30 reps)
LEFT LEG: Alternating Lunge & Lift (30 reps)
LEFT LEG: Kickbacks (30 reps)
LEFT LEG: Straight Leg Wag (30 reps)
LEFT LEG: Crossover & Kickbacks (30 reps)
LEFT LEG: Crossover & Kickbacks (30 reps)


Both Jennifer Nicole Lee and Tracy Anderson will help you build a better butt and work your thighs. Feel free to try both. You may even want to incorporate both into your weekly workout plan.

If you are under a doctor's care, you may want to consult with him before trying any new activities. Also, please discontinue workouts if you feel any pain that is not tolerable.

Remember that nutrition is also very important when it comes to sculpting your lean and tight body.

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    • Abby Campbell profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Abby Campbell 

      5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Please watch the video provided. ;)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      what is a straight leg wag?

    • Abby Campbell profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Abby Campbell 

      7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Haha, Deadlifts. Of course, it would be okay to workout your butt being a guy. Nothing wrong with that at all! Squats are a wonderful exercise for your legs and glutes. ;)

    • Abby Campbell profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Abby Campbell 

      7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Thanks for stopping by, Erica. Yes, we are very hard on ourselves as women. That is for sure! LOL. Yes, it is nice to be able to do workouts at home in privacy. Even though Tracy's workout doesn't consist of any equipment, you will definitely get a great workout. ;)

    • SaffronBlossom profile image


      7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Thanks for this hub! Definitely a problem area for many women (or we think it's a problem area because we are so hard on ourselves!). I will be trying the Tracy Anderson workout...I like that it doesn't use equipment and I could do it in my living room.

    • Abby Campbell profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Abby Campbell 

      7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Thanks for your comment, Bill. I was reading your comment on my Comments page, and then it disappeared. So, I went into the article and I guess HP removed it for "Adult Content." LOL. I don't know how girls in bikinis are considered adult content, but I guess I must find a new picture before submitting for publication again. Thanks for the laughs too. :-)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      7 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Abby my dear, there are so many things I want to say right now. LOL But I'll behave.

      I am way past worrying about my butt, but this is great information for those still young enough to care.

      Actually, I have one of those bodies that never really gains weight, and I've stayed active enough so that I don't have sag or flab....so far. :)


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