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Exercises That Burn the Most Calories Per Minute

Group of people running.

Group of people running.

Burning Calories

When you exercise the number of calories you burn mostly depends on the exercise, your body weight, the intensity and the duration. Start with the duration of the exercise. Short workouts can be more intense allowing you to burn calories faster. You should be able to get a good workout in 10 minutes. Some exercises can burn calories a lot faster than others. You may be burning 40 calories or less in 10 minutes when you could have burned over 100 with the same amount of effort. So picking the right exercise is very important.

Burning 10 calories a minute is pretty good for someone that is around 130 pounds. For a 150 pound person 12 calories per minute is good. It is fairly easy to pick good exercises when you want to increase the size of your bicep muscles or increase your endurance so you can bike long distances. It is not as easy to pick out good exercises when your goal is to burn calories. Having a list of exercises that can burn at least 9 calories per minute helps. Another way is to use the characteristics of the exercise. Exercises that can burn over 9 calories per minute have things in common.

Some Great Calorie Burning Excercises

Multiply the energy expenditure by your weight to calculate the approximate number of calories you can burn per minute with vigorous exercise. Add extra weight to burn more. The figures are approximate estimates.

ExerciseEnergy ExpenditureCalories Per Minute(130 lbs)Calories Per Minute(160 lbs)





Exercise Bike




Mountain Climbers




Step Ups




Jump Rope








Jumping Jacks








Rowing Machine




Push Ups








Common Traits

All the exercises in the list work all or most of your large muscles. The largest muscles include your glutes quads, calves, back, chest and abs. Exercises that work a bunch of different muscles are referred to as compound exercises. Another thing they have in common is that they are cardio exercises. They get your heart rate up and cause you to breath heavy. High intensity cardio requires a combination of strength and speed. Strength and speed equals power. Exercises like push ups become cardio exercises when they are done at a fast pace. One more thing they have in common is that they are continuous. There is no rest until the set is over.

To pick a good cardio burning exercise for a short workout start by making sure the exercise can be done as a cardio exercise and that it works most or all of the larger muscles. Make sure you can do each rep quickly with very little thought and that there is always some resistance. Then try it out yourself. The plank exercise works a lot of muscles but it lacks the fast movement. So it does not burn as many calories as push ups. Shadow boxing is not continuous so it does not burn as many calories as jumping rope.

10 Minute Workout

When doing an intense workout 10 minutes can feel like a long time. You could do one exercise for 10 minutes but frequently changing the exercise makes it easier to keep the intensity up. I recommend doing circuits most of the time. Make a list of exercises and switch from one exercise to the next. One to two minutes per exercise is a good time interval. When switching from one exercise to the next do it as quickly as possible.

There are two good reasons to do short workouts more than once a day. The first is that the number of calories you can burning during a 10 minute workout is very limited. The second reason is that intense cardio workouts speed up your metabolism causing you to burn calories at a faster rate for hours after you stopped exercising. To burn more calories I did a 10 minute workout in the morning, before supper and after supper.

Short workouts should be mixed with longer more relaxing workouts. It is easier to burn a lot of calories with a long workout and long workouts can be more enjoyable. Also less intense workouts are not as hard on your body. I can burn calories going for a relaxing bike ride, walking in the woods, playing games or jogging while I watch TV.

Mountain Climbers

To do mountain climbers get into the raised push-up position and bring your right foot towards your right hand. Your hands should be slightly ahead of you and your right knee should be near your chest. Jump back with your right leg and straighten it while bringing your left leg forward. Then jump back with you left leg while bringing your right leg forward. Continue to alternating legs at a fast pace. Both feet should be off the floor at the same time. If I do 30 reps I burn around 30 calories.

Step Ups

When you walk up a set of stairs or step onto a chair you are stepping up. For the step up exercises you take one step forward and one step back. Step up onto the step leading with your right foot. Briefly stand on step then step down leading with your left foot. You are pulling yourself up and pulling yourself back down using your leg muscles. Continue to lead with your right leg for a half the set then switch to leading with your left.

The step can be low like a stair step or as high like a chair. For fat loss I recommend using a step that is at least as high as the second step on a set of stairs. Depending on what you are using you can also step sideways or backwards. I hold onto a pair of dumbbells or wear a heavy backpack while doing step ups for a better workout.


Burpees combine squats, push ups and jumping. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down, place your hands on the floor and jump your feet out behind you to get into the push up position. Do one push up. Jump your feet forward so they are back in the starting position. Then jump up raising your arms over your head to complete one rep. This exercise can be done while holding onto a pair of dumbbells or while wearing a weight belt or backpack.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: Are jumping jacks and mountain climbers enough to lose weight?

Answer: Jumping jacks and mountain climbers might be enough to lose weight. I don't know if they will be enough because I don't have enough information. The best way to find out is to do the exercises. I know that biking to the beach was enough to lose a lot of fat because I biked to the beach. If you lose weight then it was enough. If it does not work then I recommend adding some more exercises. You would probably need to do cardio for at least 3 hours a week to lose weight.

When your workout routine is enough to lose weight you should be losing weight every week. A good goal is 1 pound a week.

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Thanks for update the nice information. Today many of them are not interested to doing the exercise and they don't know the right method. You are simply mention the exercise and how it burning the calories in our body. My suggestion is doing simple exercise is giving the good results to our body. Early morning walking is really good for our body health. It is really reduce my body weight and also increase my body health conditions.

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