How I Became More Than an Inch Taller by Stretching

Updated on March 29, 2018
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Michael added just over an inch to his height by stretching and building muscle.

Fact or Myth?

Can you really grow taller by stretching? The answer is yes for me. I increased my height by exercising a while ago and lots of people increase their height by doing yoga, which includes lots of stretching.

To see if I could increase my height, I started stretching three times a day. If you want to see if you can make yourself taller by stretching, try the exercises below.

There is nothing complex or difficult about doing stretches for a few weeks. It is easy to do and takes very little time.

I became taller long after I stopped growing. The method I used is mainly for people who have stopped growing.

How You Become Taller or Shorter

You have joints between your bones. These joints can change in size. If the joints become compressed, then you become a little shorter. If the joints expand, then you become a little taller. The change in height is limited to about two inches for most adults. You can not become taller by decompressing your spine if your spine is not compressed, but most adults that don't do a lot of stretching have compressed spines.

Simply getting out of bed and walking around can compress your spine a little. Being overweight or lifting heavy weights can put more strain on the joints, causing them to compress more. People naturally become shorter during the day and taller when they are sleeping. Over the years, gravity can compress a person's spine enough to make them an inch or two shorter. They can become taller by decompressing their spine.

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Morning, Afternoon, and Night

Before I started my stretching routine I checked my height. I checked my height in the morning, afternoon, and at night before going to bed. The first day I noticed I was slightly shorter in the afternoon than I was in the morning and slightly shorter at night than I was in the afternoon. Over the next few days, I checked my height again with similar results. My height changed by 1/8" on a normal day.

I became shorter while I was awake and taller at night while I was sleeping. That is because I was vertical while I was awake and horizontal while I was asleep. People don`t usually notice the change in height because it is a very small change. If you measure your height first thing in the morning and then again at night, you would notice. That is assuming you were upright most of the day and did not do stretching exercises during the day.

Woman stretching while doing yoga.
Woman stretching while doing yoga. | Source


Before you stretch, warm up your muscles. Do some easy exercises that work most of your muscles until you feel loose.

  • Lie down on the floor and relax your body.
  • Then extend your arms ahead of you and your legs behind you. Use enough force that you can feel the tension. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, relax your body, then stretch again.
  • Do this on your stomach and then on your back.

You can also stretch while standing.

  • Extend your arms and legs like you are trying to reach the ceiling.
  • For best results, do three sets of stretches 3 or 4 times a day. Stretch, hold it for 15 to 20 seconds, relax briefly, and then do it again. I was doing sets of 5. You should feel some tension but you should not feel pain while stretching.

Of course, there are lots of other ways to stretch!. I wanted to keep it simple.

How to Stop Shrinking

The average person is going to shrink. They are going to gradually become shorter if they don't stretch often enough. Stretch on a regular basis, keep the extra weight off, and work out your abs and back muscles. Strong muscles protect your joints and make it easier to maintain good posture. If you don't do something to stop it then gravity is going to compress your joints making you shorter and less flexible.

I can reach the pull-up bar now.
I can reach the pull-up bar now. | Source

Becoming Taller

These stretching exercises made me taller. I was able to measure the difference and I could reach things that were slightly out of reach before I started my stretching routine. For instance, I was able to reach a pull-up bar and do pull-ups and chin-ups.

One of the reasons I wanted to become taller was so I could get my fingers around the pull-up bar and pull myself up. I was a little too short to use it without stepping on something. Now I am just tall enough. It was not a huge increase in size, but it made a big difference to me. After becoming taller I was also able to touch the top of my door frame. It was out of my reach before.

My height increased by just over an inch. Increasing my height was a lot easier than losing weight or building muscle. I stand a little taller and I can reach things I could not reach before. Give it a try. If stretching does not make you taller, it should at least prevent you from getting shorter if you stick with it. Other people may not notice that you are slightly taller just like they may not notice you lost a little weight or gained some muscle, but you will.

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    • mikejhca profile image

      Michael H 4 weeks ago from Canada

      I am past the age where men stop growing. The method I used can help a younger person become taller but it is mainly for people that have stopped growing.

    • profile image

      boenna 5 weeks ago

      How old are you? Are you past the age where men stop growing?

    • mikejhca profile image

      Michael H 7 weeks ago from Canada

      Yes it is true. Try it yourself. Stretching is not going to make your bones longer but it can increase the spacing between the bones. The spine has 24 bones separated by joints.

    • profile image

      Jb 8 weeks ago

      Is this true?

    • profile image

      Olivia 9 months ago

      That is very good thank you

    • profile image

      Ray 9 months ago

      Still kept the height?