Hybrid Training: Combining Cardio and Resistance

Updated on November 14, 2016

Forms of Training

If you're just starting your journey to reach fitness goals, or if you have been on the fitness/health craze for an extended period of time, you are already well aware that there are two kinds of training in the gym. One, is aerobic training, which is using cardiovascular machines (stair climber,elliptical,treadmill etc.) to control your body fat and keep it at a low, acceptable level and your cardiovascular system/heart strong. The second type of training is called anaerobic training. Defined as resistance using weights. Most females and people who are not into competitive sports/fitness or have no desire to become overly muscular like in body building, will usually stick to the first type, cardiovascular training. In fear that using weights will bulk them up and develop a lot of muscularity. This is a ridiculous myth that could not be further from the truth. It is not that easy or simple to develop huge muscles, it's a process that takes some time. If building muscles was that easy, everyone would have them. When you have an understanding of how your body works/responds to the different types of training, you will use the training type that best suits you and your desired fitness goals. If you are a Certified Personal Trainer or Fitness Professional, you probably already combine the two different types of training techniques, or different variations of each particular type in the training of your clients. The body can adapt and improvise relatively easy, usually in approximately 3-4 weeks. So it's imperative to keep changing your routine and shocking your body on a regular basis. These constant variations will allow your clients to obtain a lower body fat percentage, develop an improved level of cardiovascular fitness and heart health, and increased muscle mass to their body.


Weights and Cardio training together
Weights and Cardio training together

Strength/Weights and Cardiovascular Training Together

The alliance of performing weight/strength training and cardiovascular training in the same work out sessions can produce considerably more benefits to the body than using either of the training types independently. The cardiovascular part of the work out will bring increased blood movement into all of your muscle groups, leaving your muscles engorged with blood, giving you that vaunted "pump" during the weight training portion. The additional muscle fiber recruitment that is acquired from the weight training part brings more effective and efficient cardiovascular training. Also referred to as Metabolic Conditioning Training, you can use this in your everyday workouts to reach both your weight lifting and cardiovascular fitness goals.

Your diet should support your training
Your diet should support your training

Healthy Eating Habits and Hybrid Training

When it comes to diet/healthy eating habits, there really isn't any kind of secret recipe to it. You can not out exercise a bad diet. Your eating habits should always be clean and specifically designed for your particular body and fitness/activity level. When your workouts becoming altered or more intense, your diet/macronutrient ratios should be changed/manipulated as well to accommodate those changes. Under eating is actually a more common mistake that many people seem to make. The thought process of eating less will make me lose weight. Everyone needs a required amount of calories daily. If the body is not being given the required amount it needs to function efficiently, it will begin to store the calories consumed as fat. When you have /are developing muscle, you need to take in more calories in order to maintain the same amount of weight. Your activity level and intensity of those levels will always come into play with your diet/eating habits.

Hybrid Training

When you think about it, we are constantly trying to create hybrids, in an attempt to make things better. Whether it's cross breeding of different species of animals or making cars that operate equally on both gas and electricity. The idea is to combine two things that are already good and make them into one that performs better. This works the same in the gym world as well. You take your best training ideologies and create a workout that offers increased results using the best methods. There is no single workout/training system that will work best for everyone. I can not stress this enough. Even that genetically gifted person whose body seems to respond to any type of training will have to find that combination of compound and isolative movements that works the best for them. Your body will take approximately 4 weeks to become acclimated to any kind workout, no matter the type. Hybrid workouts are constantly changing and will confuse your muscles, leaving the body to guess what is going to happen to it next, not ever giving it an opportunity to adapt to the style. Manipulating rest periods, both in between workouts and in between sets, also leaves the body in a state of muscle confusion. There are days you will feel like the Incredible Hulk and then there are those days you feel like a diary of a wimpy kid. That's a natural, common occurrence and part of human nature. The constant changing of ideologies, light weights versus heavy, drop sets versus super sets, cables versus machines, or high repetitions versus low reps, the combinations are limitless. This will eliminate workouts perceived as failures and not producing the desired results you are looking for. With that being said, the following is an example a of hybrid training workout.

Exercise Examples

Rest period
5X5 heavy weight
45 seconds
50 light weight
45 seconds
Reverse Hack Squat
5X5 heavy weight
45 seconds
Stiff Legged deadlifts
50 light weight
45 seconds
Lying leg curls
50 light weight
45 seconds

Always Change Your Workout Routines

Your training method/workout routines should constantly be changing in order to keep your body guessing. Again, Everyone's body is different, but it's a good rule of thumb to change your training regime about every 3 to 4 weeks. If it's about that time for a change in routine or your body seems to have stopped responding as it normally does to your current workout regime and you've hit a plateau/stuck in a rut, try out some hybrid training workouts and give your body a good kick start to rev it back up.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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      7 years ago

      It's always good to here about total body fitness and I like your article.


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