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Leg Lift Challenge Exercises With Posters

Kelly is a certified personal trainer and enjoys educating others about fitness and health.

Read on for some lleg lift challenges.

Read on for some lleg lift challenges.

The Different Types of Leg Exercises

Leg lift exercises are a misnomer, if you think the main muscle group you are working is the legs, think again. Leg lifts are one of the most effective exercises for your abdominal muscles and your core muscle group.

So can you really slim your middle with leg lifts? In short, nothing in fitness is singular, target toning can build muscle, but without proper diet and cardio, you will not achieve the much sought after famous "six pack abs" with one exercise alone. If your fitness routine is a trio of leg lifts, cardio and proper nutrition program, then and only then will see noticeable results.

Join us to learn about the many different types of leg lift exercises and the muscles that they target. Learn about yourself, determine your fitness goals, and then choose the type of leg lift exercise that is right for you. See firsthand a variety of different exercises demonstrated along with various leg lift challenge posters for you to closely consider and determine if one is right for you and your fitness goals.

Before You Begin Your Fitness Challenge

Before you begin any fitness program, you first must know what your end goal is. For some, it is first and foremost the low impact exercise for the legs to protect the knees (lying leg lifts would be my recommendation), for others it is to engage the abs and for others it is for the challenge and to fully engage as many muscles as possible (hanging leg lifts work great for this). So while the challenge look exciting and it is really is, the challenge if not designed properly for you may not take you to your end goal.

Start with your specific fitness goals in mind first and then choose the type of leg lift exercises you feel or you and your personal trainer feel would get you to your end goal the quickest and easiest method.

Then pick a plan with a reasonable starting point for you. Remember, fitness is individual. Everyone has different chapters in fitness - one shoe does not fit all clients - you need a customized fitness program in order to achieve the results you are seeking.

Motivational Options for Fitness Challenges

Whatever course you set, whatever your goals, take the time to closely review the many motivational posters focused on leg lift fitness challenges.

Before you take a look at the beautiful posters, do learn about our muscles in our body. This will help you decide what your focus and what exercise program is best for you.

Muscles Leg Lifts Engage

Rectus Abomimus

Tranverus Abominus


Hip Flexors



Challenge Yourself - Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Chapter

No matter what fitness chapter you are in your life, do seek to take your fitness routine to the next level. The reverse plank on the balance ball looks wonderful as does the hanging leg lifts but these are advanced exercises that many of us may never even aspire to let alone achieve.

Analyze what level of fitness you have to offer today and design a fitness challenge that works for you. Do plan on completing multiple chapters with multiple goals.

And yes, in a perfect world, I would love to see all of us regularly using the reserve plank with the balance ball but that is not the world we live in - our goal is to be the best person we can be. For some, fitness is priority one and these advance exercises are appropriate. For many or the majority of the world, just adding leg lifts to our daily routine would be equivalent to climbing Mount Everest.

Remember you are the only designer of your life, you set the targets and you take the individual steps and you alone.

Know your goals and set a course with multiple chapters for fitness for your life. Do engage a personal trainer if funding and time allows. And always discuss a new exercise program with your physician.

Your life can be better, you can feel stronger, you can have more energy but you must set the course for the changes. Pick a challenge that is expressly tailored for you.

Largest Muscle in the Human Body

"The quadriceps femoris (/ˈkwɒdrɨsɛps ˈfɛmərɨs/) (Latin for "four-headed muscle of the femur"), also called simply the quadriceps, quadriceps extensor, or quads, is a large muscle group that includes the four prevailing muscles on the front of the thigh. It is the great extensor muscle of the knee, forming a large fleshy mass which covers the front and sides of the femur. "

Sartorius Muscle

The sartorius muscle (/sɑrˈtɔəri.əs) – the longest muscle in the human body – is a long thin muscle that runs down the length of the thigh in the anterior compartment.

Types of Leg Lifts

Standing Leg Lift Demonstrated by Pretty Brunette in Blue and Black Fitness Gear

Standing Leg Lift Demonstrated by Pretty Brunette in Blue and Black Fitness Gear

standing leg lift - backward leg lift using a chair

standing leg lift - backward leg lift using a chair

Leg lifts with a Roman Chair

Leg lifts with a Roman Chair

Side lying double leg lifts

Side lying double leg lifts

Side Leg Lift Using Cable Machine or Weighted Leg Lift

Side Leg Lift Using Cable Machine or Weighted Leg Lift

Five Different Leg Lifts

Think leg lifts are boring - then you must engage your imagination. Variety abounds in leg lifts and not just from forward to side and back but also with different types of weights, different body positions and different types of equipment.

One of my favorite leg exercises is using the tension bands and standing on the band and then moving from side to side as shown to the right. If you wish to feel the burn - oh, my goodness - you will love this exercise.

Our leg muscles are critical to our functional, every day movements. If we vary the types of leg lifts, we improve our muscular structure for you see they say the muscles remember and just like the soul they can get bored. Take some time to vary your exercise routine and learn some new movements. Leg lifts need not be boring!

The roman chair is often forgotten for leg lifts and this simple piece of equipment is often misunderstood and left unattended. One of the rules I like to ask clients is to listen closely to their body and when they feel their back muscles engaged when performing a leg lift on the roman chair, to stop and change up the movement. For me, I find if I keep my knees lower than my waist I feel my abdominal muscles engaged. If I lift higher I feel my back muscles.

One of the more advanced movements is the hanging leg raises where you are lifting your legs while suspended, hanging from an overhead bar. This movement is often referred to as the leg-hip raise as it engages the hips because of the suspension. At our club, the young men are often doing this exercise and I am simply jealous of their strength and of their youth and energy. And I smile with joy and delight in watching the extreme leg-hip raise movement performed properly.

Types of Leg Lifts

TypesHowPrimary Target Muscles


Feet on the Floor

Core + Abs


Lying On Your Side On the Floor



Using a Roman Chair

Core + Hips


Hanging from a Bar (Leg Hip Raise)

Hips + Core


Using Cables or Ankle Weights



Using a Weight Bench for a Chair

Legs + Abs

Share Your Exercise Experience

I believe one of the most stagnant exercises we have is the leg lift. Everyone always does the same exercise and never mixes it up. This is sad because leg lifts do offer a wide range of options.

What has been your experience? Is your leg lift exercise stale and need refreshing and changed up? Is this helpful to see the variety of options for leg lifts? Have you ever tried the leg-hip raise? Please join us and take our poll.

Have you seen the leg-hip raise done at your fitness club or gym? Is it exclusively done by the young males? I wish to increase my exercise routine and add this in when my strength returns. I believe it is a phenomenal movement and offers a fantastic fitness challenge.

Personalize Your Fitness Goals

Remember small goals achieved are better than large goals forgotten.

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Leg Lift Posters

Speaking of fitness challenges, that is why we are all here for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge Posters Isolating the Leg Lift Exercises. Check out the many different colorful options. Do start with a daily repetition that is right for you. Remember small goals achieved are better than large goals forgotten. Stick with the routine and I promise you results.


Flat Abdominal Muscles


  • Exercise
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular Exercises

Holistic View of Fitness

While we speak directly about the specific exercise - in this case leg lifts, fitness is more than just the "exercise". Take a holistic view of your fitness goals and of your health. If you incorporate the essentials - proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and exercise designed specifically for your own goals, you will achieve results.

Leg Lift Video - Working Your Core

How to Video for Leg Lifts

Modern Mom shows us how to do good old fashion leg lifts to engage your abdominal muscles. You can make it as challenging as you want to - the slower you go the harder it gets. A really basic exercise that is really good. Do not let the lower back arch off the ground. Do breath deeply and do make it a little bit harder by slowing it down.

Find a friend and do this exercise together and make it fun.

Do be a rock star and hold the leg lift to extend your leg lift challenge to the next level.

Reverse Plank Leg Lift

Reverse Plank with Leg Lift Demonstrated by Pretty Girl in Purple Fitness Gear and Green Athletic Sneakers

Reverse Plank with Leg Lift Demonstrated by Pretty Girl in Purple Fitness Gear and Green Athletic Sneakers

Reverse Plank Leg Lift Exercise

Another version of the leg lift exercise (see I told you leg lifts offered a vast variety for us to choose from!) is the reverse plank leg lift. This exercise you start with the palms of your hands on the floor and raise up to a reverse plank and then engage the leg lift alternating slowly between your left and right leg.

Remember my mantra, keep the exercise even between the left and right - no favorite children, no favorite sides unless you have an injury you are working through and have medical instructions otherwise.

Start Your Leg Lift Challenge Today

Whatever your fitness challenge, do pick a health goal that is customized for you that is achievable. All too often clients are overwhelmed and nothing is achieved because the mountain of the goal is unachievable. We must start small and build over time. Our muscles are remarkable and will reward with added strength and flexibility and a glow that only exercise can provide from within.

Take some time today and print one of the challenge posters and dedicate yourself daily to a new and healthier and stronger you.

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