Get Six-Pack Abs With the P90X Ab Ripper Workout

Updated on January 28, 2019
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I currently attend the University of San Francisco as a Hospitality Management Major.

We have all heard of P90X and the numerous amount of other workout videos out there. For those who want to get started right away on the right path to earning that beach body, then continue reading as I discuss the details of each move and how you can maximize your workout to see the very best results!

There are 25 reps in each movement. A workout mat is recommended, however it is not necessary. If you need a break, take it! Just get right back into the workout when you feel ready. Drink plenty of water and get ready to shred your fat and rip your muscles!


This workout was not meant to be easy by any means. It requires you to stay determined and focused in order to meet your ultimate goal. The moment you let the word "can't" into your mind, is the moment that it becomes impossible. Believe in yourself and push to your limits so that you can achieve what you never thought to be possible! With that being said, let's get started...

1. In N Outs

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*Additional Challenge*Balance only on your butt
*Additional Challenge
*Additional Challenge
*Balance only on your butt
*Balance only on your butt

Begin by sitting on the floor with your hands planted behind you for support. Your fingers should be facing forward. Lift your knees up and in so that they are pulled against your body. (You should be balancing on your butt and hands a this point). From here, push your feet out and simultaneously lean back with your torso. In the extended position, your feet should be about an inch or two off the ground. Now pull your legs back in and return to the starting position without putting your feet back on the ground until you have reached rep 25.

*For an additional challenge, put your arms straight above you so that you are now only balancing on your butt.

2. Bicycles

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Start in the same position as the In N Outs. From here, "pedal" your feet as if you are on a bike. You should do 25 pedaling forward, then reverse for another 25. You should really feel this one in your hips, so you might want to stretch in between the forward and reverse pedaling. Similarly, for an additional challenge, put your arms above you for a harder workout.

3. Crunchy Frog

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This exercise is similar to In N Outs. Except now, EVERYBODY gets their hands off the ground. To begin, start with your knees tucked in and your arms wrapped around them. Push your feet out, spread your arms out to the side, and lean back. Repeat until 25.

4. Wide Leg Sit-Ups

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*Reach straight up then reach over. Chin off the chest the entire time.
*Reach straight up then reach over. Chin off the chest the entire time.
*Reach straight up then reach over. Chin off the chest the entire time.

To begin, start by laying down and spread your legs as far as you can. Put your right hand behind your head and your left arm straight up in the air. Sit up by reaching towards the sky with your left arm (keep your chin off your chest) and then reach all the way to your right toe. That is one rep. Switch sides until you reach 25. For a harder workout, cross your legs "indian style" instead of having your legs spread.

5. Fifer Scissors

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Test your strength and try to make it all the way through this one without a break! Start with either your left or right leg an inch off the ground. Then take the other leg (make sure it is straight) and lift it as high as you can into the air. The ideal position would be a right angle between both legs. Then switch your legs and pause in between each rep for about 3 seconds.

*It is essential to keep good form throughout the exercise. Really aim to keep your lower back on the ground throughout the whole movement. This can be achieved by imagining your belly button being pressed to the floor.

6. Hip Rock and Raise

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Butterfly PositionToes pointed to the skyHips STRAIGHT up. Not BACK!
Butterfly Position
Butterfly Position
Toes pointed to the sky
Toes pointed to the sky

Start with your legs in something similar to a butterfly stretch and lay on the ground. Keep your arms to your sides. The first step is to lift your legs until your toes are pointed straight into the air. From here, lift your hips up to the sky.

*Warning: Do NOT just simply bring your legs closer to your head when you lift your hips up. Your feet should go straight into the air as opposed to behind you.

7. Pulse Ups

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Lay down with your arms to your side. Straighten your legs and lift them as high as you can. Again, the ideal position is straight up forming a right angle with your legs and the floor. From here, pulse your legs by lifting your hips into the air. Similarly to the last exercise, try not to lift your legs back, but instead, straight up.

8. V-Up / Roll-Up

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Lay down with both feet straight out in front of you and arms extended to the sky. There are 3 steps in one rep and this is the break down:

1. Roll up with your chin off your chest and perform a normal sit up by touching your toes.

2. As you lay back down start to lift your legs off the ground and keep them straight

3. From here, your back should be on the ground and your legs up at a 45-degree angle. Pulse up by sliding your arms along your legs and reach your toes.

Repeat until 25.

9. Oblique V-Ups

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Start on either your left or right side. Position your body so that your legs are approximately 35-45 degrees inward. If you are laying on right side first, your right arm should be on the ground extended next to your body and your left arm should be behind your head.

Now lift your legs and your upper body off the ground. The goal is to have your elbow and thigh touch for maximum results. Once you have started the exercise, neither your shoulder or your feet should touch the ground until you have reached 25 on one side. Switch sides and complete another set of 25.

10. Leg Climbs

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Lie on your back with one leg bent and the other 45 degrees out. Your thighs should be parallel at this point. The goal is to reach your toe by grabbing onto your leg and climbing. The less grabs, the harder the exercise. Take as many grabs as you need, just get all the way up. This is the only exception to the 25 rule. You should do 12 on the right and 12 on the left. Remember to always keep your chin off of your chest.

11. Mason Twists

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This last exercise requires you to fight through all the pain that you are probably experiencing at this point. This is the final sprint to the top of the mountaintop and it is up to YOU to finish strong. To begin. Clasp your hands together and lift your legs off of the ground about 4 inches so that you are only balancing with your butt and abs.

Then turn to the left and hit the ground with your knuckles. Next you are going to do the same except on the right side. This is one rep. When doing each rep you want to make sure that your whole torso is turning from side to side so that one shoulder is completely behind you. Complete 40 reps to finish your workout! For an added bonus do 10 more reps to make it a total of 50!


This workout is tough! If you get through the whole thing your first time, then AMAZING job! If not, don't worry! Keep at it until you can do the whole thing. Remember to never give up on yourself no matter how hard it may seem. I offer you this great quote by Winston Churchill:

"If you're going through Hell ... keep going..."

This means to push yourself. Beat that pain and become stronger every time you do this workout. Make sure that you never do this workout on consecutive days because your abs need some resting time to recover from all the ripping you will be doing to them! Aim to do it every other day and you will see results like no other! Don't forget to continue with a cardio workout as well to see that body that you want by summer!

Will you commit to this challenge??

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I'm surprised that sit-ups are still encouraged to strengthen core muscles. I think I heard an audible gasp from my message therapist when I brought up ab crunches in a discussion. So the "dead bug" exercise that I have been using is an effective way to build core strength.

      I have used an exercise ball to support my legs and being round it's easy to get into a good momentum to start out with or just use my arms, until I build strength to keep my legs suspended in the air.

      It is an awkward looking exercise and I have felt self-conscious at the gym, but, Trust me, I feel my abs the next day.

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 

      7 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      This hub is extremely good and I will definitely do that and don't give up! I go 3 times a week to the gym too and this will be ideal for me, thanks emay!


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