Results of My Push-Ups and Planks Challenge on Abs, Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Updated on August 25, 2017
Decline push ups on the stairs.
Decline push ups on the stairs. | Source

My Workout Routine

I created a Push Ups And Planks Challenge For Great Six Pack Abs, Chest, Shoulders And Tricep Muscles. The routine consisted of different push-up and plank variations. My goal was to build muscle, lose fat and significantly change my appearance. To start, the routine consisted of decline push-ups, one handed incline push-ups, incline push-ups, push-ups, diamond push-ups, planks, elbow planks, elbow side planks and side planks. My main focus was on improving. I did what I could and tried to do more the next time.

The exercises were easy enough that I could do them but difficult enough that I could not last very long. For the standard push-ups I made them more difficult by doing more difficult exercises first. As the days past I modified the routine so it did not become too easy. I increased the number of repetitions and the amount of time I held the plank positions. I also started doing the routine twice a day and varied the order.

After I could do 12 repetitions for the push-ups and hold the planks for over a minute I added some other exercises and started to work towards doing handstand push ups. Since the routine focused on my upper body and did not take very long I also did some running and rope jumping.

My Mind

I noticed that the exercises improved my focus and concentration. It takes a lot of mental effort to hold the planks or to will myself to continue doing push ups. While exercising my body I was also giving my mind a workout. It is difficult to measure the change but there was a significant improvement. The planks required the most mental effort.

My Body

My triceps increased in size and became harder. I can easily tell the difference by feeling them and I can see the difference by looking at them or looking at pictures. My abs also changed a lot. The abdominal muscles are much harder and there is less fat covering them. The pectoral muscles became bigger so my chest looks different but their was not a huge difference. My shoulders are not the same. They feel different and clothes don't fit quite the same but I am not sure how much bigger they are.

There was a lot of muscle pain but not too much. The pain was temporary and after a good nights sleep I could workout again. Usually most of the pain went away after a few hours and the pain was not bad. Noticing the physical changes made it easier to stick to the routine. I don't quite have the results I want yet but I am still working on it.

My exercise progress
My exercise progress | Source

The Hardest Part

Doing the exercises was not that difficult. It did not require a lot of time or energy. The most difficult part was to keep doing it 6 days a week. Push-ups and planks are not very fun or exciting. Thinking about the results helped. I was getting better at the exercises and my body was improving. When the exercises became too easy I stopped making progress. Then I lost interest and had a hard time continuing. However I fixed that by changing the routine.


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