Tips to Improve Your Cardiovascular Workout

Updated on July 28, 2017
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Tim Truzy is a former wrestler and 10K runner who works out several times per week.


Cardiovascular Exercise

When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, you have to put your heart into it. Cardiovascular exercise is any workout which increases the heart rate. They include: swimming, running, and riding a bike. Some people prefer to use machines like bikes and the treadmill shown in the photo. Many like to do their cardiovascular workout unaided by machines. Whatever the preference, most experts recommend a moderate rate of exercise for about 20-minutes. Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Below are some tips I incorporate into my regular workout:

Tips for Getting the Most out of your Exercise

  1. Include strength based exercises in your workout. Lift moderate weights to help with overall burning of calories. You can also include inclines when using the treadmill.
  2. Rotate your planned cardiovascular activities. Don’t just stick to one sort of exercise. This keeps you motivated and interested in exercising. Also, you may use slightly different muscle groups when you change your activity. For example, one day you might like the treadmill. For the next day, try jogging around your community.
  3. Alter intensity. You may want to pick up your pace on an elliptical machine and then slow down to your moderate rate. This switching of intervals increases the burn of fat according to numerous studies.

Some Benefits of Cardiovascular Workouts

Perhaps the most underrated benefit of cardiovascular workouts is the social aspect. Many communities have “meet up” running groups. Many people receive a supportive boost by working out with others. This increases commitment to the goal of staying in shape. Often, people join gyms and develop friendships, too. They participate in activities like dancing and martial arts.

In any case, whether a person chooses to exercise alone or with others, here are some definite benefits to cardiovascular exercises. They include:

  • Promotion of better sleep
  • Reduction of Stress and mood swings
  • An overall increase in bone density
  • An increase in muscle strength and flexibility
  • Weight loss
  • Strengthening of the heart and lungs

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