Which Is the Best Boxing Workout?

Updated on September 30, 2017

And the Best Boxing Exercise IS – Skipping?

A tough choice out of a long list of exercises. What makes for the best boxing exercise? A no brainer (in my humble opinion) is skipping. Yes that’s right. Out of all the grinding, blood gulching, sweat pouring exercises in a hard sport like boxing, the best exercise of them all has to be jumping the rope.

Let me explain.

Skipping might seem like child’s play but it is of absolute importance for a boxer to know how to skip. Skipping is not only a great way to whip out a jumping rope and just start hopping, anywhere, anytime; it’s a great way to get the sweat going without having to move too far from your comfort zones. You can literally start skipping in the middle of your room, RIGHT NOW, skip, build-up on speed and rhythm and voila, you’re suddenly burning all those calories in the confines of your home.

Apart from burning calories, the jumping rope is imperative for boxing rhythm and foot-work – and while you might think that boxing focuses on punching and the hands then you’re sadly mistaken, it’s actually about feet and footwork. The punch begins from the foot. Your attack and defense rely heavily on your foot work to be able to dart in and out of range.

Skipping helps keeps you light on the feet and builds muscle AND strengthens the bones (bet you didn’t know that). You mainly rely on the calves when you’re jumping a rope while activating your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, resulting in a finely toned pair of legs. In addition, you ALSO work out the upper body, keeping your core tight, consequently working out your shoulders, chest and back.

Jumping ropes do amazing things for cardio. Jumping or hopping around requires a lot of energy, and it’s the perfect way to work your heart beat up.

2 minutes every day per variation will bear visible results. Do at least 3 different variations.

Make sure your legs are aligned as to have your feet right under your hips and remember it’s all about ‘timing’ and ‘rhythm’. Once you have that down, you can do all sorts of variations such as:

  • Basic Jump: Jump high to start off and hop on the balls of your feet ever so slightly, as if you were tapping the ground with your toes or dribbling just high enough to get over the rope.
  • Left to right: Using the same mechanics as the basic jump, just tap from left foot to right foot.
  • 1 foot: Jump using one leg and alternate – remember not to favour sides.
  • Side straddle: move your legs side to side at the same time, as if you were doing a jumping jack, feet shoulder width.
  • Front straddle: same mechanics as the side straddle but move your feet front wards with a foot’s distance between both feet.
  • Running in place: This is my favourite exercise of the lot, it’s like running – but in place, I actually think it’s better than running, period.
  • Double Hop: The double hop is a hard one. Jump higher than usual and swing the rope twice under the feet in quick succession.

These variations will not only work out incredible sweat but also helps with rhythm, timing and balance, the pillars of boxing.

Finally, why I believe skipping is the best exercise of them all is because you can literally skip ANYWHERE. So invest in a good beginners skipping rope based on your own length. If you’re about 6’4, then you buy a 10 foot rope, and the shorter the height gets from there per foot, the shorter the rope gets per foot too. Happy skipping!


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