How to Get a Bubble Butt

Updated on January 24, 2020

What's a Bubble Butt?

Ever wonder the secrets to having a nice, rounded, poppin’ bubble butt? Well wonder no longer because it’s no secret, other than to get off that butt and exercise! Now even you can turn that butt into a booty by working out the right muscles right in your own home!

Get Motivated!

If you want to know how to get a bubble butt, then you have to learn how to move it move it! By creating and sticking with a targeted exercise routine each day, you can tone that butt into a booty and have those sexy buns you’ve always dreamed of having. Even if you’re working with no butt, aka flat-ass, it’s still possible to tone those muscles up to pop and look hot!

It’s not going to happen overnight, but within a couple of weeks, or even just a week, you should begin to see some results. One thing to know about having a sexy butt is that you can’t have hot buns without toned thighs. Dimples, loose, flabby, thighs will never look good under a strong butt, and the better your thighs look, the better your behind will look as well!

Start a Routine!

So if you’re here wanting to know how to get a bubble butt, I challenge you like this: If you are used to exercising, then start with a 10 minute thigh and butt routine working up to 20 minutes a day.

If you’re not much of an exerciser, start with a 5 minute workout, and after 2 weeks, get that up to a 20 minute routine. The only true way to achieve the results that you want is to stick to it, it’s called self-discipline and you can do it! With it only taking 20 minutes out of your day, you will either make the time, or make excuses.

5 Exercises For a Bigger Butt

There are many different exercises that tune the legs and buttocks, so here’s a list of my personal favs!

Dumbbell Squats

Have a couple of 8 pound dumbbells? Use them! More or less weight is okay too. Hold your dumbbells at your thighs and spread your feet to be square with your shoulders. Squat down keeping most of the weight at your heels to ensure your knees don’t pass your toes, tighten those cheeks as you stand back upright. Repeat for 20 reps. No dumbbells? No problem! Do squats without them and it will still help!

Side squats

I love my squats when talking about toning those thighs and buttocks! Start with your feet together and standing upright. Step to the side with one foot while going into squatting position, then bring your leg back in to standing position. Immediately step out to the other side going into squatting position, and then returning to the upright position. This is one rep. Do this for 20 reps!

Double Toe Taps

Laying flat on your back, bring your knees up so that you are in a table-top position, with your knees and thighs in a 90 degree angle to your hips. Keeping your knees together, take a deep breath, exhaling as you slowly lower your toes to lightly touch the ground, maintaining the angle at which your knees are bent. Inhale as you bring your legs back up, and exhale as you bring them down. One up and down motion is one rep, do 30 reps.

Marching Bridge

Staying flat on your back with your feet on the floor bent at the knees, arms relaxed straight at your sides, palms down, lift your pelvis off the floor so that you form a straight line from shoulder to knee. Hold this position as you lift one foot off the floor, place it back and, then lift the other foot and place it back down. This is one rep. Do 19 more!

Downward Dog Leg Lifts

Standing up, walk yourself into the downward dog position, so that your body forms an upside down V with your toes touching the floor, pelvis raised, legs straight, and torso straight. Keep your back flat and your chest down so that you form a straight line form your wrists to your hips. Begin by raising one leg, keeping it straight, as high as you can go and lowering it back down to tap your toe, then back up again for 5 reps. Switch legs and do the same for 5 more reps. Go back and forth 5 times.

After this workout, you will totally feel the burn! You know that you had a good thigh and butt workout the next day when you put yourself to the stair test. If you’re sore, then you know you got a workout in and you’re on your way to getting that bubble butt that you’ve been dreaming of!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • SportingGoodsInfo profile image

      Sandra Johnson 

      3 years ago from Tampa

      I'm now only doing dumbbell squats, but if I practice all the above workouts everyday, how much will it take to achieve a butt for which I'm working out?


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