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Review of the Tracy Anderson Method

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Alyssa has a passion for fitness and sharing her favorite tips and tricks with the world. Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast.

The Tracy Anderson Method

The fitness industry has grown in the past few years. It seems like everyone is interested in working out, getting fit, and feeling more confident in their own skin. There are a variety of programs out there, targeting women who want to slim down for their wedding, shed baby weight, or just lose weight in general. The Tracy Anderson Method is one such program.

Tracy Anderson is Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer. She also has trained many other A-list celebrities.

Anderson offers a variety of programs that fit every lifestyle. These are just a few:

  • The Pregnancy Project
  • Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method
  • Mat Workout DVD
  • Dance Cardio Workout DVD
  • Perfect Design Series
  • Method Express
  • Slim + Sculpt Cardio
  • Precision Toning
  • Metamorphosis
  • Continuity
  • A monthly streaming service

My Story

I got engaged in July of 2010. By August, I had put on quite a bit of weight due to stress at work. I weighed about 160 pounds. I was only wearing sweatpants because they were the only thing that would fit me. I was unwilling to go shopping for new jeans. I was unhappy about my body and knew I needed a change. I started working out, doing cardio and a little strength training.

About a year later, while watching TV, I saw an infomercial for the Metamorphosis program, from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. It promised that in one hour a day, for 90 days, I could achieve a dancer-like body—long, lean, feminine—everything I was looking for. The price was $90. For that amount, you received a customized workout plan, choosing one of four body types that you identify with based on how you gain weight. The workout would consist of nine muscular structure workouts and a dance cardio DVD. You do one muscular structure workout for 10 days and then move on to the next workout. The dance cardio stays the same for the entire 90 days.

You also received an eating plan, a tape measure, and a calendar to track your progress. I knew immediately that I wanted to try this workout. This was the most I had ever spent on a fitness program, but I was excited to get started and slim down to look great in my wedding dress.

My Metamorphosis kit.

My Metamorphosis kit.

Customizing the Metamorphosis Plan

I received my Metamorphosis kit in July of 2011. I unboxed my goodies, watched the intro, and looked over the materials.

Eating Plan

I knew right away that the Dynamic Eating Plan was not for me. First, it didn't seem feasible. I didn't recognize some of the ingredients and I had a fiance and a son. It didn't make sense for me to make two different meals. In addition, I love sweets, pizza, and french fries—all in moderation of course. I have always subscribed to the thought that you shouldn't deprive yourself of the things you love to eat.

I am also not a fan of having a diet plan for a set amount of time and then attempting to go back to everyday, normal life. Many times that is a recipe for disaster. So I made the decision to not follow the eating plan. However, I committed to the workout. I was to do the 30-minute dance cardio DVD and the 30-minute muscular structure work six days a week. The seventh day was a rest day.

Dance Cardio

Starting out was great. I loved the dance aspect of the workout! The dance cardio was fun and a little challenging, which was great because it gave me something to build on. There was a lot of jumping involved, which required stamina and endurance that I didn't have in the beginning.

However, after only a few weeks, I found myself getting tired and distracted during her cardio routine. There are audio options where you can choose to listen to her music and voice, just her voice, or just her music. This allows you to play your own music and Tracy encourages you to do that. Using my own music only helped me for a little bit. I found myself dreading the dance cardio because I didn't like repeating the same routine every day for weeks on end. I ended up trying other forms of cardio to supplement.

Muscular Work

The muscular structure work was my favorite from the beginning. It didn't take long for me to get used to the different style. Unlike other fitness programs, Tracy doesn't talk you through each movement—She does a voice-over to give tips. The point of that is to begin connecting your mind with your body. Tracy wants your movements to flow, like a dancer. I loved that aspect of this workout. After a week, I started feeling my muscles changing. After three weeks, I really started to notice the difference in my body. My arms were leaner and I could see definition. I started seeing the lines in my abs and my thighs were noticeably thinner.

I was consistent with the muscular structure. I did the cardio DVD most of the time. A few times, I hopped on my gazelle, sometimes I threw in my aerobic step DVD, or did a cardio session from another program. I did the full 90 days of Metamorphosis. I started at 144 pounds. By the end, I was at 138 pounds and lost a total of 4.5 inches.

Then I moved on to Continuity to keep slimming down. Continuity is a subscription program: $30 every month for three months. You get a new cardio dance DVD with a bonus arms section, and nine muscular structure workouts to change up every 10 days. With the subscription program, you get sent new workouts every 90 days.

Continuity kit.

Continuity kit.

Moving Onto the Continuity Program

The cardio DVD for the first Continuity shipment was really fun! I enjoyed the routine and didn't have any issues performing it every day. The bonus arms section was an amazing surprise, especially since my wedding dress was strapless! I wanted to be sure that my arms looked really toned and that I had no back fat. The workout continued to challenge my body and I saw major changes. I still did not follow Tracy's food plan. I ate sensibly. I would have cereal and yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch, and lean protein with veggies for dinner. It was much easier to incorporate healthy options than it was to overhaul my entire diet. I didn't feel like I was deprived or left out and I wasn't making completely separate meals for myself.

I stopped my subscription after the initial shipment of Continuity only because I wanted to save the money and put it toward our wedding. I loved this program and saw real results! I bought my wedding dress in September of 2011. It was a size 8. By April of 2012, I had it altered down to a size 6. On my wedding day, I weighed 130 pounds. I was the smallest that I had ever been! I felt confident and happy with my results! This program works.

Since my wedding, I have tried out other DVD's in the Tracy Anderson Method.

Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD

This was Tracy's first mat workout DVD. I purchased the Mat Workout DVD at Meijer and it was a steal at $10! This is one of my favorite workouts! The DVD lasts for 59 minutes. There is a small introduction and then Tracy leads you through a warm-up. A chair is used to perform the first two leg segments. There is a standing ab portion, which is a signature of the Tracy Anderson Method. It's very dancer inspired and a lot of fun!

Following this, is a free arm segment, where you are creating your own resistance to perform the movements. Make no mistake, it is an intense seven minutes. Many people consider this to be Tracy's best arm workout. There is a weighted arm section, where you use up to 3lb. hand weights, another leg section down on the mat, and an ab section on the mat. The workout ends with a relaxing cool down. This is a continuous workout- there are no options to skip through sections in the menu. Tracy recommends doing this DVD 4-6 times a week for best results. This DVD is inexpensive and a great workout!

Perfect Design Series

This workout is a three disc set. The workouts last for about an hour. Tracy recommends doing each DVD for 30 days. The workouts are continuous and include a warm up and a cool down. I loved this series, but because I had started my journey with Metamorphosis, I actually only did the first two DVD's for 10 days each. The third DVD was my favorite in the series. It was the most challenging workout sequence and really slimmed my thighs. I did this DVD for the entire summer and was very happy with my results!

Tracy Anderson's Dance Cardio Workout DVD

This cardio workout is my favorite! It includes several choreographed dances that are broken down step by step. You can view the break downs in a traditional format, where Tracy is facing away from you, or you can choose to learn the dances from the front. After you learn them, you can dance them with Tracy. This workout is great for everyone, from beginners to more advanced levels.

Final Thoughts

I personally have followed the Tracy Anderson Method for about five years. I have achieved great results in performing the workouts. They keep me slim, toned, and looking and feeling confident! I highly recommend the Tracy Anderson Method to any woman who wants to slim down, tone up, and achieve a feminine look or a dancer inspired body. Because Tracy has created so much content, there are options for everyone! In addition, Tracy now offers a streaming service. Even if you don't live near one of her fitness studios, you can get the studio experience from the comfort of your own home or while traveling!

As with any fitness program, it's important to be consistent. Consistency will maximize your results and help you achieve your goals.

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician before beginning any fitness or nutrition program.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Emily on October 02, 2017:

This was so helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on June 12, 2017:

Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by! The Tracy Anderson Method will definitely help you reach your "dancer body" goal. There are several options to choose from with the method. Tracy's original mat workout (available at most stores for about $10) is a fantastic starting point! You could also get her older Dance Cardio DVD to accompany it. Most of the ladies who have been following Tracy for years have done that workout many, many times. On the DVD, Tracy recommends doing the DVDs 4-6 times a week. If you were looking to completely transform your body, Metamorphosis is perfect! You get four DVDs - one dance cardio, and 9 different mat workouts. Metamorphosis is progressive, you start with the first mat workout and do it for 10 days, then move on to the next workout. Continuity is the DVD program that follows Metamorphosis and has the same progression.

Tracy also has a streaming program available on her website, which is awesome! But, it is expensive. With streaming, you get a new master class (about an hour workout) and a new beginner class (approx. 30 min workout) each week. It's Tracy doing the workout live in the studio, sometimes she's teaching an entire class, sometimes it's just her. It really feels like you are in the studio. With streaming, you also get new dance cardio routines, which is pretty great!

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions! :) Happy working out!

Jamie on June 10, 2017:

Hi! Thanks for all the info. I am an avid workout girl, but looking to get the "dancer's body." I want to start a TA program. Do you do the same workout everyday when you use the DVDs? How do you know what to do when and how many DVD's do I need?! I am confused on how doing a DVD program would work. Any advice you could give would be great. Thanks!