3 More YouTube Channels to Kick Up Your Fitness Routine for Women

Updated on July 31, 2019
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Alyssa has a passion for fitness and sharing her favorite tips and tricks with the world. Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast.

Many people are looking for ways to make fitness a practical part of their lives. With so many options available, there's something for everyone and every lifestyle. It is no longer necessary to fork over your hard-earned cash for a gym membership that you use sparingly or not at all. There are numerous apps and streaming services available, but those can leave a hefty dent in your monthly budget, and there's no guarantee that you're going to enjoy it or that it's going to work for you. If you are looking to switch up your current fitness routine, get out of a fitness rut, or just want to try something new, YouTube is the perfect resource!

Working out at home is brilliant, and taking advantage of all that YouTube has to offer just makes sense. There are fitness channels for any and all health and fitness goals, making it easy for anyone to work out in the comfort of their own home.

I've been working out at home for almost a decade. As a busy mom, I don't always have time to commute back and forth to a gym, and although I have my own fitness DVD collection, I like to mix up my workouts and try new things. YouTube has been my go-to for fitness over the past few years. I have tried many fitness channels in my quest for exercise variation. I've written about past favorites in two previous articles, but my fitness journey is constantly evolving, and with that, my own fitness goals have changed. These three channels have become my current favorites.

1. Billy Banks Tae Bo Fitness

We all know that cardio is important and something we should add to our routines. However, all cardio is not created equally and many of us have modifications to take into consideration. Running on a treadmill can get pretty boring and is hard on the joints; jogging outside is something that's always accessible or feasible; the elliptical is a wonderful machine, but if you aren't a member of a gym, purchasing one for your home can be pricey. HIIT workouts are awesome, but sometimes you just want something different.

Tae Bo was all the rage back in the '90s. I remember seeing the infomercials on TV for this fitness program growing up. I even tried it out about a decade or so ago from a DVD I borrowed from the library. I recently discovered that Billy Banks had a YouTube channel where he posted a variety of his fitness programs. I've been adding a Tae Bo workout into my own routine twice a week for the past few months and it has made a big difference! I love the martial arts combined with mindfulness and Billy is right there with you, talking you through the moves, and reminding you of important life lessons along the way. This is the perfect YouTube channel to kick your fitness routine up a few notches!

Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Lower Body Kickboxing

2. Leilah Isaac

I love dancing. I took dance lessons when I was little and as part of my fine arts requirement in college. Nowadays, I love to dance around my house and embarrass my son as often as I can with my totally hip moves. I also tend to gravitate toward dancer-based workouts. Enter Leilah Issac. She is a belly dancer and fitness professional, and her YouTube channel combines both passions into fun, effective workouts. She has a variety of videos to choose from: beginner belly dancing to more advanced; cardio based to strength-focused; short, bite-sized videos and longer, full-length workouts. She breaks down the steps, explains everything in simple terms, and makes the workout fun. Check out Leilah's channel if you love to dance or if you just want to try something new!

Flat-Belly Standing Abs | Belly Dance Workout

3. Shelley Darlington

Shelley Darlington is a breath of fresh air. I discovered her channel while I was in the middle of my evening routine: dishes and other chores while watching YouTube videos. I watched her video, The Truth About The Fitness Industry. She caught my attention with her knowledge and humor, so I checked out her channel. Not only does she share fitness information, but she also gives practical solutions to common fitness questions and offers a variety of free workouts to target problem areas. She's a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a former bikini competitor, and completely relatable. She stresses the importance of a healthy diet and offers effective workouts with a dash of quirky, fun humor. If you're looking for motivation, no-nonsense information, or want to switch up your routine, check out her channel.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Alyssa


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    • Alyssa Nichol profile imageAUTHOR


      12 months ago from Ohio

      No problem, Bill! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend also! :)

    • Alyssa Nichol profile imageAUTHOR


      12 months ago from Ohio

      Thank you, Pamela!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      12 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I've got nothing on this one, Alyssa. I hope you don't mind if my comment reflects my cluelessness about fitness for women. :) Have a great weekend, my friend.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      12 months ago from Sunny Florida

      This information is excellent for those women who want to exercise at home.


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